Is a login system against the law or Roblox ToS?

I need a while to test the game and even get it ready. I will research a lot to get the game prepared to be: Secure, Organized, and Fun!

Alsoooooo if techgroup get’s hacked…

Datastore2 is a Other Datastore system and I was told it is Very Secure.

My Group? Well, I wont give away my Login. I will create a Roxy account but use a different Username and Code. Its then very secure. Its not like Roxy can access your Roblox Login. Roxy only wants the games you play for the Tokens to keep secure and your GAS.

I made a reply earlier stating if we could ban Roxy. I don’t think in my game I wan’t 2 players in it.

AND this can result in unwanted lag

Technically it is not illegal to store user id’s but from partially knowing TOS, I would never recommend it.
I have my own game that I use to allow customers to purchase products, we currently use a third party self hosted database to create a whitelist system for our products, we use a third party source only storing User ID’s Discord ID’s and the type of product they own via PHPmyadmin. As long as you not using the user id’s and are not storing things such at IPs, Private Information, and things like that. If you are not using the data for illegal reasons, you should be fine.

I’ll also provide some other topics on this.
There are more topics but these are some general topics I found.
Hope it helps.

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I’m still new to the topic but I can’t trust everyone on this platform

I really don’t care about the data. I care about helping others. I lost my password and I wanted to play with my friends. If I had Roxy, then I could have gotten my data, just played on a different account. Plus, Im trying my best to make the data as secure as possible.

Yeah I agree, trust is a big problem on Roblox, especially with many scams, phishing problems, you really cant tell if someone/something is safe or is unsafe.

this is not conform in the slightest, sespecially children are more animated towards using the same username and password on everything, also as a personal note i find it highly problematic that those things are always being proposed by “holder accounts” and “alts”

Can you please restate your question/comment. I dont understand much of it. Sorry.

Kids are kids! They will use the same or similar passcode

I do agree with you about the using the same information on everything, there is also an issue where someone can be under the age of 13 without parental consent, causing them to create an account without the database holder knowing that, if the database holder gets caught, they are at risk for storing data of an underaged child.

Yeah. I agree. I might find a fix to this issue for insecurity. I promise, I’m not going to steal Information. Not any of my concerns.

Well, Roblox is Storing Data for a Underaged Child - Under 13. Roblox stored their birthday, Username, Password, etc. So, Roblox is also at risk.

Making a promise, or telling people your word wont help you much, I recommend you create a terms of service, legal terms, let people know what of their data is stored, and make sure they confirm to having that data you stated stored before they continue to use your services.

You can’t change a persons thought on the topic unless proof. Of course you can’t have proof soo…

Is there ANY way to see if a Child is underage? Very helpful if I could disable the game if they are underage.

Ok! Adding this to my notes! Thanks!

And @TechGroupMedia please respond to the topic that I stated multiple times now if a dev can disable Roxy. Maybe make a plugin that shows the user who owns the account just incase they use it for hacking. And I"m not saying included the password.