Is it allowed to infer age bracket from text filter results and then show Discord links to 13+ users in-game?

Hello, I have a few questions about Roblox terms of service on discord invites showing in games. This is because I would like to know if me showing the information, even if it is just to 13 plus accounts, is actually allowed. I have made a system that uses chat filtering testing to determine if a account is 13 plus then shows the discord information if the account is 13 plus.image


i have asked the same question. please look here at the answers area

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so basically its best not to put it in your game but instead put it in the social links 13> can’t see social links

You aren’t allowed to show Discord links in game regardless. It is not cleared under the list of whitelisted links outside of the Social Media feature on the game details page and will be counted as an unauthorised offsite link. Presence of it in game can result in a warning or moderation action on your game (placed under review).


Thank you, although I hope roblox adds this exception in the future

An alternative method to let 13+ people join your Discord server is by placing the invite in the social channels box and referring people in-game to it (by placing a text like ‘check the game page the invite’).

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Baffling though since players are allowed to link servers in the game description but not in the game itself

That’s not permissible either. Games are not allowed to put any instances of Discord, either a whole invite link or an invite code, in their description. The only permissible place it can be on is the Social Media feature of any applicable configuration page. Strictly.

If you believe a game is improperly linking content on the site, use the Report Abuse feature.


One more question, is saying Discord the word in game allowed to redirect people to the socail links?

No mentions of Discord outside the social media feature are permitted, period.

Never thought to report some hotel game I was playing some time ago. They had a literal button with the discord logo and if you click it, it gives you the invite link and the code for the server. I know better now…

Do you know if this is allowed?

Ideally it should be something more obscure or left unreferenced at all. I’m not staff so I can’t specifically tell you, unless anecdotally, whether a specific way of doing things is permitted or not; in this case, I don’t know. The information I do have is that Discord links, references and the like are not permitted anywhere outside the Social Media feature. To me, this says “don’t put it anywhere, even as an indirect reference”.

Mentioning that users can check out the Social Media tab to rep your game or support you and get more information about the game is something you can do. Considering the Social Media tab is only available to users above 13 (and most platforms require you to be 13+ to use them, examples Twitter and Discord), an information tab can mention there’s Social Media that users can look at.


So your telling me make it just point toward social media indirectly toward anything specific.

Yeah, that’s essentially what I’m saying. Rather than making a specific reference to a platform found in the Social Media tab, just bring to light that you have some stuff in the tab that users can follow or look at.

It’d be a different story altogether here if you wanted people to check out your Twitter or YouTube account, for example, as those are permitted links. Since what you want is to show the Discord, you have to make an indirect and obscure reference that one exists. What you have now should be fine but I’d double check with someone more familiar with moderation or moderation themselves.

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