Kampus - Bar Progress

Hiyaaaa! :wave:

I have started my new big project called Kampus. :crescent_moon: It’s a modern build with notes of rustic and vintage interior design! I am currently using the latest Roblox lighting technology, to give this build even more stunning look! :bulb: I have decided to add a lots of greens and plants to the restaurant, to give it a fresh and beautiful look! :seedling:

This time I made a bar area for restaurant. :cocktail:

I also use custom materials and textures for this build. :star:

Check previous post here

The build is in it’s development stage and I would love to hear the constructive feedback from you! What can be changed or improved to make it look even better


Damn, that’s looks sick! Honestly I would hire you for my 4 year project but I’m not sure if you could take it.


It looks nice but I have a concern. There’s a lot of color variety in this one corner of the build compared to the rest of it. This makes it feel unbalanced.

Additionally, the staircase texture feels very fake. You know that plastic texture that sorta looks like wood but clearly is t that they put on stuff nowadays? Yeah it looks like that. Might wanna go for a more natural texture to fit with the tables. Reason it sticks out to me is because it’s a very bright color compared to the surroundings, which makes it more attention grabbing.

Also, I see that you implemented some of my suggestions, and the way you did it looks good!


I feel like there’s a lot of empty space between the tables and the counter/bar. Not sure of where everything is, but maybe add some stuff to liven that empty space up.


The most creative Devoleper I’ve know! :grin:

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It looks stunning. I love the textures, the view, and even the smallest details like that broom in the back of that last image!

Maybe make the staircase and counter color different though. Doesn’t really match with the rest of the build in my opinion. Other than that this is amazing!