Restaurant Joyce - Offices + New Building

Hiyaaaa! :wave:

I have started my new big project called Kampus (new name Joycé as of today.) :crescent_moon: It’s a modern build with notes of rustic and vintage interior design! I am currently!
using the latest Roblox lighting technology, to give this build even more stunning look! :bulb: I have decided to add a lots of greens and plants to the restaurant, to give it a fresh and beautiful look! The Evermore Park is an beautiful artistic addition to this wonderful restaurant! :bulb: :deciduous_tree: :leaves: The restaurant is located in a small part of a modern city in Europe! :slight_smile:

UPDATE 5 - Joycé - Offices + New Building


In this update We have added new Decorative Building “Atmos Surround”, Offices for staff and more.
Previous development stages:
Kampus Progress
Kampus - Bar Progress
Kampus x Tommy Hilfiger
Joycé - Park, Promenade& Glass Hall Progress



Does everything use PBR? [omg character limit]

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Main textures, materials and objects do use PBR. Plants & Green also consist of PBR textures.

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