Kampus x Tommy Hilfiger

Hiyaaaa! :wave:

I have started my new big project called Kampus. :crescent_moon: It’s a modern build with notes of rustic and vintage interior design! I am currently using the latest Roblox lighting technology, to give this build even more stunning look! :bulb: I have decided to add a lots of greens and plants to the restaurant, to give it a fresh and beautiful look! :seedling:

UPDATE 3 - Kampus X Tommy Hilfiger :blue_square: :red_square: :white_large_square:

This time I made a TH homestore next to Kampus! I am going to add more stores and shops in the game, to make it more real and fun!

Previous development stages:
Kampus Progress
Kampus - Bar Progress

The build is in it’s development stage and I would love to hear the constructive feedback from you! What can be changed or improved to make it look even better