Joycé - Park, Promenade& Glass Hall Progress

Hiyaaaa! :wave:

I have started my new big project called Kampus (new name Joycé as of today.) :crescent_moon: It’s a modern build with notes of rustic and vintage interior design! I am currently using the latest Roblox lighting technology, to give this build even more stunning look! :bulb: I have decided to add a lots of greens and plants to the restaurant, to give it a fresh and beautiful look! The Evermore Park is an beautiful artistic addition to this wonderful restaurant! :bulb: :deciduous_tree: :leaves:

The name Kampus couldn’t be used as a group name, so I had to rename the restaurant.

UPDATE 4 - Joycé - Park & Glass Hall Progress

In this update I have added a beautiful Park area, Promenade & Glass Hall. I also added another small decorative ZARA store!

Previous development stages:
Kampus Progress
Kampus - Bar Progress
Kampus x Tommy Hilfiger

Restaurant Joyce - Offices + New Building

The build is in it’s development stage and I would love to hear the constructive feedback from you! What can be changed or improved to make it look even better. Everything is a subject to change


Additonal images.

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I’m just wondering, but did you use the Atmos lighting plugin, or did you make the lighting by hand?

And if possible, can I see the building with the basic lighting? (Default skybox, no post processing, etc.)

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nice good job making that (if you did or ur friends or someone else did)

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I did use Atmos Plugin for Skybox only. Other lighting has been made by hand. Including Lighting Properties, Post processing, etc.

I removed all post processing and lighting properties.


@kidsteve923 Like the topic please!

I really like the professionalism and modernism of this creation.

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Woo! I loved the name Kampus, but Joyce also fits it very well!


I like how modern design it is. very gud.

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Huge respect for this build. If I had to give a handful of games showing how far Roblox developers have come, this would be one. Cannot find anything to even criticize, it’s magnificent.

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This is just simply insane. How big is the map going to be?

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Thank you, so, so much for such feedback! It motivates me a lot more to work on projects, when I see that people like it! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! The map won’t be really big, due to the fact that Roblox is very limited in terms of performance. There will be enough places and details to have super immersive feeling and stay.