Kampus - Modern Restaurant

Good day! :wave:

I have started my new big project called Kampus. :crescent_moon: It’s a modern build with notes of rustic and vintage interior design! I am currently using the latest Roblox lighting technology, to give this build even more stunning look! :bulb: I have decided to add a lots of greens and plants to the restaurant, to give it a fresh and beautiful look! :seedling:

I also use custom materials and textures for this build. :star:

The build is in it’s development stage and I would love to hear the constructive feedback from you! What can be changed or improved to make it look even better!



WOW! That is the cleanest and best build I’ve ever seen on Roblox, well done!


Why do I feel like I’ve seen that exact font before? Maybe make it more unique.

Also, small touches go a long way. Maybe make the chairs all rotated just a bit so it feels like the restaurant is more real. Also, put some stuff on the tables! Napkin holders, plates, candles, they would all make this feel more real.

Additionally, there’s a lot of empty floor space. You can remedy this either with something to break up the flat surfaces (tiles, carpets, etc.) or by filling the space with more tables or decorations. Maybe some potted plants or a wooden path through the cement floor?

I’d also recommend making the ceiling plants reach down a bit farther to fill space vertically.


Thank you so much, for this wonderful feedback! This reply gives me a lots of more ideas and way to improve the build. Really useful!

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That might just be the cleanest and most detalied present build ive ever seen but personally I think it would be nice if there were more things like maybe trash cans plants. But overall mind blowing.


Please give me some lessons on how to build such good space :pray:

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it’s so surreal whenever there is an amazing building on a puny baseplate

anyways, i really like it, but the font for the logo is a bit too stretched out in my opinion, and the chairs look like moldy cheese