Layered Clothing Full Release - Equip All Six Layers

Hello Creators! We are thrilled to announce the full release of Layered Clothing is officially live! We thank you for your excitement for this huge release and we are excited to officially introduce new ways for our community to customize avatars.

You may have noticed that many new layered clothing catalog items were recently added to the Avatar Catalog, such as the Trench Coat and Samurai Armour. This is only a tiny preview of the endless possibilities that Layered Clothing can achieve and we are happy to announce that there are over 2,000 available layered clothing assets available on the Catalog on release today with many more on the way.

What is Layered Clothing?

Layered Clothing are clothes that stretch and fit over any avatar body and existing layered items. You can find the current collection of Layered Clothing in the Clothing category of the Catalog. At this time, when customizing your outfit in the Avatar Editor, your avatar can wear one clothing item at a time from each of the categories:

  • Tops (Tshirts, Shirts, Sweaters)
  • Outerwear (Jackets)
  • Bottoms (Pants, Shorts, Dresses & Skirts)
  • Shoes (Left shoe and Right shoe)

Read more about the work behind building Layered Clothing on our blog.

How do I enable Layered Clothing for my experience?

Layered clothing is enabled by default for all experiences. If you have opted to disable the feature during our beta testing, you can re-enable layered clothing by setting the experience’s StaterPlayer property LoadCharacterLayeredClothing to Default.


How do I create Layered Clothing?

Similar to regular accessories, layered clothing assets are first modeled and created in 3D software such as Blender or Maya before importing into Studio. To achieve the layering effect, a few additional steps are required during the modeling process before exporting from Blender or Maya.

Look out for upcoming Layered Clothing creator docs for more information on creating layered clothing assets, including a Blender guide with reference examples on adding cages and parenting to a mannequin armature.

How do I sell Layered Clothing to the Catalog?

At this moment, only creators accepted to the UGC program can upload layered clothing assets to the catalog.

What’s next?

We are excited to see the awesome clothing and outfit combinations that the community comes up with! With that in mind, we are focusing our efforts on making it easier and quicker to create and implement layered clothing in your experiences.

A few of these initiatives include:

  • Additional Studio tools and documentation to improve ease of clothing and avatar creation.
  • New Catalog Asset Bugs category created in DevForum specifically for troubleshooting layered assets.
  • Continual performance improvements.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and the amazing experiences that you have created. We can’t wait to see what the community can come up with!


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Sounds fun. I personally think that 3D clothing would be fun to use in game, just a bit glitchy at the moment. I’m excited to see the designs that UGC creators will make. Many new possibilities are available due to this update, will be a lot of fun to make avatars too! I’m interested on the shoes, the most. I have some bugs so I’ll report them on the Forum now.


Well this is pretty epic.
Roblox beginning to look more like Unity, except it’s easier to use.


Quick question: When will the glitch where the the player’s equipped layered clothing would get adjusted off the player’s body when the player’s character is ragdolled? Or is that our job to fix?

I figured that the glitch would be fixed by you guys since there’s a direct way to ragdoll a player’s humanoid.


Will Roblox staff be ingesting reports about Roblox-created catalog items / assets in this category, as was the original intent of the category? If not, there really needs to be a category for this. There are a lot of Roblox-created assets that have major issues.


Layered clothing is truely amazing, but I’m afraid it’s limited due to the lack of Rthro customization. There aren’t any plain packages we can use to create our ideal avatar. Many non-rthro packages don’t allow the layered clothing to fit avatars.


Changes might need to be made over time so that 3D clothing wouldn’t look too oddly thick on certain body packages. Yes, I hope you guys consider adding more variety of rthro packages for the community.


You know how we can remove all the clothing from non-rthro packages? No Rthro packages allow this to happen, which limits creativity.

Not to mention that the clothing becomes deformed on non-rthro packages. I really want to use this feature, but it looks ugly with my current package.

So far, the only fix for this is to manually make your avatar longer, which will then make your accessories and proportions stretched.


I believe the RTHRO package “Oliver” allows you to change the shirt on it (not the jacket) but it looks odd.


I highly admire and respect the work you guys are doing to make Rthro customizable and realistic clothing, but theres a bug I found with it.

Some packages cant wear the clothing without it breaking.

Overall its good but some packages refuse to work with layered clothing.

For your information this is not because the animation as I tested the package and layered clothing in every animation.


Nice! I was wondering if layered clothing would work with custom characters, ones that don’t follow the typical robloxian rig (for example if it has 4 arms). I assume premade clothes wont work, but what if I make my own for it?
I already experimented before with not-so-good results, where layering wouldn’t occur properly and I could only put on a single clothing item. Does this full release address this issue or is it only relevant to the catalogue and default characters?


This is a welcomed update, and I can only see this evolving to become even better in the future. In terms of the aesthetic, for most packages, it looks awesome - however, for the 1.0 blocky package specifically, I don’t believe it’s quite there yet in terms of how it appears on avatars. Hopefully, with time, this will be enhanced, considering this package is commonly used across the platform by many. :crossed_fingers:


This is big! I cannot wait to see the result of everyone’s creativity!


thats a cool update. I really like it


This is both a curse and blessing in disguise. Can’t wait to see the cursed clothing which gets released.


Glad to see layered clothing come to life! I’m enjoying all the UGCs people have been making.


Even More Layered Clothing!?

Big W Roblox



Layered clothing is awesome, but it doesn’t look quite right with any of the current avatar options in the marketplace. Where is the plain, fully customizable rthro characters seen in some of the examples?


Layered clothing looks like it’s still mroe of a beta and is super ugly and stretched in my opinion.

Proof on the ugly part from a different reply of mine

When you think “Roblox avatar”, what do you think?

It’s probably one of these 4:


Depending on how new you are ot the platform
Those are all r6 and 15.
This is what Roblox is trying to push;

Jackets need the most work, 100%

Original thumbnail:

On a blank character:

Original Thumbnail:
(great example)

On a character:

This needs to be reworked a bit.
However, I am excited about all of the other clothing categories introduced.
I give it a week before somebody imports the Among Us Drip Shoes and puts it on a character