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Introducing LightPlus+

Tired of adjusting your Lighting properties on repeat just to test something out? Worry no more! LightPlus+ a great time saver when it comes to lighting as it allows you to save the properties of the Lighting service for later use!

Okay, how does it work?
LightPlus+ allows you to save snapshots of your current Lighting properties which you can then load later on. Snapshots save between sessions and are only visible in the place you created them in.


This sounds neat. Got anything more to show?
Of course! Here are some quality of life features:

  • Name your snapshots! It’s quite a simple feature, yet extremely useful!
  • Forgot the properties? Don’t worry! You can inspect them in from the configure screen.
  • Back to basics~ We all know how irritating it would be to have to create a snapshot just for the defualt lighting, so we got you covered! There’s an extra button in the bottom left which allows you to reset the properties to default.

How does it look?
Here’s a couple of previews!

Limitations & Known bugs

  • :door: Limitation: You cannot read nor load the Technology property of Lighting.

This is cool! where can I get it?
LightPlus+ is available for everyone here. If you come across any bugs or simply want to provide feedback, please take a moment to post it here. Thanks!


Does it also cover Lighting effects like Bloom or Sun Rays?

I like this a lot, i think it would be a little better if it had the ability to enable and set the properties of post effects such as, sun rays, bloom and color corrections. I think it would also be cool if you could “Export” certain settings by giving the user a string to copy which they can send to other users to import into their own plugin. Nonetheless a pretty solid plugin.


Yes! It’s able to save all the currently available post effects. It can also save the current skybox. You can see if a snapshot has any of these “special” effects by looking at the label under the name.


Very nice plugin that would make debugging lighting a lot easier on me. Will there be any update to have it support terrain colors since some (I) also depend on that when changing lighting?


Hello there is a plugin just like this, that was made before yours

I mean, technically my plugin was created before his. This topic is simply quite recent.

It’s nice to see someone else also had the same idea though, it really proves how many developers are in need of something like this.


Just letting you all know I am cool with this. I did not know @0skarian had made a similar plugin with the same purpose. I even asked around for a bit before making one so I didn’t do any duplicate work, but I guess it happens sometimes.

That being said, I think there are some upsides and downsides to both plugins. From the looks of it this one seems more powerful and/or informative whereas mine is more light-weight.


this. is. really. cool! I have just one suggestion, add an abillity to export the lighting settings to tables.

Question: You say that lighting settings are only visible in the place you save them to, but are they visible in a TeamCreate session if both developers are using this plugin?

Not quite yet! The plugin currently saves snapshots using PluginSettings, which only work locally. However, the idea of implementing collaboration is something that I’ve wanted to to for a little while now, so maybe I’ll see if I can add that into the next version of the plugin. Stay tuned! :wink:

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