Live Scripting Full Release

Thank you for all the great feedback and suggestions on the beta release of Live Scripting, which enables you to code with your peers in real-time when using Team Create. We are pleased to announce that this feature is exiting beta!

Live Scripting is now the default scripting experience in Studio when Team Create is enabled. The legacy Team Create scripting mode, known as ‘script lock’, will be phased out in the coming weeks.

What is Live Scripting?

Live Scripting enables you and your teammates to code together in real-time. It is based on Team Create and it will resolve many of the current friction points in Studio: no need to apply changes anymore, no locking hurdles, and no need for script recovery popups!

Live Scripting automatically saves your scripts every 5 minutes and upon closing (similar to Team Create). You can also save your scripts any time by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + S. These saved versions will be accessible in the Script Version History. As a result of these autosaves, we are removing the script recovery feature in Live Scripting mode.

Of course, we know that it’s not always good to immediately propagate changes to others, especially when working on very complex experiences. As a result, Drafts mode continues to be available and we are committed to making it better. Live Scripting will be the new default script editing mode for Studio in Team Create. In the long term, we plan to make switching between Live Scripting and Drafts as easy and seamless as possible.

Live Scripting is based on the new ScriptEditorService:UpdateSourceAsync API, our recommended method for editing script source. Plugins that use the now deprecated Script.Source will face discrepancies in script values. We shared about this change here.

If you wish to opt out of Live Scripting, you have two options:

  1. Turn Team Create OFF
  2. Team Create ON, and turn Drafts Mode ON

Resolved Known Issue

We have resolved an issue related to unstable internet connections. Live Scripting demands higher network bandwidth to maintain consistent sessions across all clients and the server. At present, if the network connection is insufficient to sustain session connectivity, to prevent data loss, the Script Editor switches to read-only mode and displays a hint in the editor until the connection quality has recovered. We are committed to ongoing improvements to ensure smoother performance, even in environments with low internet connectivity.

Many thanks to @yohooyohoo, @idevride,@swmaniac, @code4xp,@BobaTops, @sleepyguyray, @iamyourblackjack, @ignotuscaligo, @cruiser_forever, @yipiokay, @Dogekidd2012, @tnavarts, @montximontxi, @lovedanihonjin, @HugoBLH , @altisaltaccount, @ResetVector, @Rusi_002 for making this possible!

Thank you!


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Finally, multiplayer scripting!


This is great, now I can teach my friend how to script without having to switch tabs :sob:


can finally script with the boys papa bless


that’s super cool, finally multiplayer mode, the solo campaign was easy
more seriously: Thanks for these awesome updates recently


are you kidding me?
Would I be able to have “Live Scripting” disabled?

I don’t use Teamcreate and I am a solo dev, however in some circumstances I have Teamcreate enabled I’d be the only one editing, so is there any performance deficit when “Live Scripting” is enabled or should I not be worried?

I really don’t like the idea of this being enabled by default, especially with my current Internet provider Vscode / Rojo workflow as I do not benefit from this feature


I don’t get why people are saying “wow finally it’s here” as if this is a crucial update in any kind of way. Doesn’t it just complicate things to have multiple people working on the same script at once? Maybe if it was a huge module script but then what kind of game would be set up that way? It’s always good to have more features but people really seem to be hyping this up way too much


W change fr. When I thought team create was gonna be a thing, I had a feeling this was also gonna be added but it took them this long to add something like that. Better late than never I guess.


Live scripting is not enabled if your team create is disabled.


A general PSA for anyone using Rojo: you should start using Rojo 7.4 for new work because older versions don’t use the updated API for writing script sources.


yeah definitely, you can use drafts mode instead


This will be really useful for teaching my friend scripting, as we have just been swapping share screens.


Holy cow, this is amazing! All I need now is an event to detect if a commit has been fully committed (already has been suggested and is here) and my workflow will be unmatched! Thanks team!


The option to work on a script at the same time as somebody else helps tremendously when working on a large project with multiple scripters, or when you want to teach somebody else how to script. A feature like this exists in other collaborative applications like google docs, one note, vscode, etc. But if you disagree, the best part about this is that it is fully optional.


most valid usecase ever ngl, anything for the homies




Honey wake up, script editor multiplayer has dropped.

This looks awesome, can’t wait to try this with a few friends and see how chaotic fun that will get designing systems together.
I usually script alone I think if I suddenly throw myself into a studio session with a few friends it’s gonna be like “throw him into water and see if he swims” kind of deal.

I’d imagine this might be most useful for big studios though who can now let their devs work on the same framework at the same time and edit scripts live.


i can see myself using this when my friend goes afk!


This is a feature I and other developers have been wanting for a very long time. Amazing work! :heart: