Looking for some tips and tricks

So I have been scripting for some time now and I want to become better at it.
Can some one please give some tips?

Please use the search bar, (or at very least a search engine) for this, this definitely has been asked before:

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Definitely what Blockzez said. There’s plenty of resources out there for new scripters, including wiki pages, threads, YouTube videos, etc.

In terms of actual advice, just practice! Play around with stuff in studio, or create a fairly simple goal for something you’d like to create and try to create it on your own. As tempting as it is to set out and make a big game right from the get-go, when you’re starting out there’s a ton to be learned from simply experimenting without the scale and pressure of actual development. The developer hub is also your friend–it contains API pages, documentation, and examples for just about everything.

This forum is primarily for help with specific scripting issues and questions, so if you get stuck while actually scripting, don’t be afraid to post here. That being said, there are plenty of guides and tutorials for learners already, so search for them before asking a question here :slight_smile: