Lowpoly Modeler & Builder | Om4rr17’s Portfolio (AlvinPolys Previously)

Hello, my name is Omar, known as Om4rr17 (AlvinPolys Previously) on Roblox, a 17 years old engineering student. I am a very committed worker and I mostly don’t quit any commissions I take. It’s been a very interesting and adventurous profession.


Monsters & Creatures






I work part-time with about 2 hours a day.

N.B: All following amounts are not final as the price solely depends on the complexity, time frame and time consumption of the commission.

Per Monster/Creature: 7-15 USD | 2K-4K Robux

Armors: 10 - 20 USD | 3K-6K Robux

Assets: 2 - 8 USD | 600-2K Robux

Per Map:

  • 200x200 Studs - 30-40 USD | 10K Robux
  • 500x500 Studs - 45-70 USD | 13K-20K Robux
  • For larger sizes, price is agreed upon in DMs.

Terms & Information

  • 30-50% is required as a deposit (depending on due date).
  • Progress is sent to you between ONE to THREE day(s).
  • In case of PayPal payment, chargebacks and requesting a refund is not allowed, unless the product was not finished.
  • You are not allowed by any means to resell the map without asking for my permission.

For the fastest response, message me through Discord.

DevForum: @AlvinPolys
Discord: Om4r#0001
Twitter: @Om4rr17


3 years you started developing hope you get hired your a really talented.


Your character designs are cool!

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I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord. Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:

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Sent you a message on Discord, I’m looking to get a simple low poly map made!

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Heya! Trying to send you a friend request but can’t locate your Discord. Might be an error on my side but i’d appreciate it if you could send me a request RickyTheFishy#1234

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Sorry! My discord Nitro was over a day ago. Here is my new tag AlvinPolys#5233
EDIT: My Discord Nitro is back, and the tag is back to AlvinPolys#0001

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Very nice work here. Looks really solid.

Add me on discord. Might have something that’ll interest you. Are you any good with skeletons? Like giant rib cages, skulls, etc?

Nice work. Well made and vibrant. I am contacting you now.

This looks very cool, good luck finding work!

To everyone considering hiring AlvinPolys,

DO IT! I recently purchased a few things from Alvin, and he’s just been a pleasure to work with. He’s very flexible, respectful, and time efficient. I ordered something from him about 3-4 days ago and he completed it 2 days before his deadline. I highly recommend him if you need modeling work done!

To AlvinPolys, thank you!
To potential customers, hire him!

Models for @Metro_AA, had fun creating them and they turned out great!
Time taken is 3 days and progress was shown about 10 times a day.
The working rate was 2-3 Beasts/Monsters per day for 2 days and the 12 accessories in 1 day.
The total cost of these all was 65$ For 6 Beasts and 40$ for 12 Accessories.
The following screenshots are in Blender, not rendered.



Just gotta get a shoutout for my main man Alvin!
Did some great work for me a bit ago, and helped me handle a dispute :slight_smile:
Alvin’s a great worker, and the best lawyer one can get for $10 bucks!
Thanks again man, and good luck with your future work.

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I really like your work, It’s very polished!
I was wondering if you’re able to Model Guns?

Thanks! And yeah I do, but low-poly styled. I don’t have any gun examples but I’m sure you will like the outcome!
If you need some, hit me up on Discord @AlvinPolys#0001

Added you at: AQUA#5677
--------- 30 chars lmao

A small lobby commission I’ve finished a while back, had fun modeling/building this map and turned out great!
NOTE: These images are in studio screenshots with the ShadowMap Lighting.


Maps for @ZackLaFlame! It was a pleasure doing them and they turned out great!


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Recently hired AlvinPolys for a small commission. He was really good at making changes and modifying small details to fit whatever I wanted. Here is one of the things he made for me:

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