Make Humanoid:ApplyDescription() available on the client

I’m not entirely sure why this is restricted to the server only. It should be available on the client (of course, not replicated)

Example usage from a client would be loading a NPC (only replicated on the client) with a humanoid description, for example in a avatar editor scene

I can see this was requested before but no reason of why this isn’t available on the client was given


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to apply HumanoidDescription instances to local characters/NPCs. Attempting to do so results in the following error:
Humanoid::ApplyDescription() can only be called by the backend server

If HumanoidDescription::ApplyDescription() could be called on the client, this would allow for developers to create local characters/NPCs with the desired appearance.

Specific use case:
I’m working on the results display for my game. There are two sections to the results display - the “Team results” section, which displays the results for the winning team and the player’s team, and a “Your results section”, which focuses on your avatar and displays your personal stats.

In the team results section, the winning team’s avatars are cloned and lined up side by side, so that they can run taunts and the likes (similar to Splatoon’s results section). I specifically clone the avatars to avoid avatars suddenly disappearing from the row because a player left/respawned.
I want to display the clones on the client so that only players that are currently viewing the results can see the avatars. It’d be pretty immersion-breaking to exit the UI, and see a clone of yourself still lined up with the rest of the team in the middle of the lobby (this is what would occur if the team’s avatar clones were on the server)!


I’d love to see Humanoid:ApplyDescription available to the client. I’m currently working on an avatar editor and displaying a model of the player’s current avatar in a viewport frame. I want changes made to the temporary avatar model to be displayed instantly to the player and so asking the server to update the avatar model wouldn’t suit my needs.

Without the humanoid description system, I’m forced to use old methods to make changes to the avatar model that are prone to bugs and hard to implement.


Having ApplyDescription available to the client that actually replicates isn’t the best idea, however, having a way we can seamlessly preview a HumanoidDescription to the client is very much needed as there is a very noticeable delay having to ask the server for this change especially for players with bad internet connections.

My Specific use case is also for Avatar editor where I’d like to instantly show how assets look on the player’s character. Now I COULD manually do this just as we’ve been doing before HumanoidDescriptions Existed, but the wiki itself discourages us from doing that.


Still lacking this functionality in 2020

Now Available!

Release Notes for 443


Crazy that it’s been 5 weeks since that patch and it still isn’t enabled yet :frowning:
I could really use this right about now :stuck_out_tongue:


@Wonuf, please mark my previous reply as unsolved


Is there a reason why this still isn’t working? The release notes clearly has it marked as live.

Make sure that the humanoid you’re using ApplyDescription on is created via a LocalScript

If this doesn’t work then it might be worth creating a bug report in #platform-feedback:engine-bugs


This feature is now enabled as per above reply ^

Tested by this basic LocalScript placed inside StarterPlayerScripts with a blank “dummy” R15 rig in ReplicatedStorage:

local dummy = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Dummy:Clone()
dummy.Parent = workspace

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