Make it easier for developers to work with the topbar

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to make guis that respect the layout of the CoreGui’s topbar. Many developers want buttons or frames that go beside the CoreGui’s topbar buttons. To achieve that, developers have been using GetCoreGuiEnabled to help them determine where they should be positioning their custom topbar gui elements. However, this is not enough because it relies on the size and position of the CoreGui’s topbar elements to remain the same. Not only that, but not everything in the topbar can be retrieved through GetCoreGuiEnabled!

Less than an hour ago the flag EnableVoiceBetaBadgeV3 was enabled and it ruins many games with custom topbar elements like so:

Funky Friday:

The Wild West:

As you can see, without a way for developers to work with the topbar, one small change can greatly affect a player’s experience in a game with custom topbar elements. As of right now, developers can only hope that nothing changes in regards to how the topbar CoreGui works.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I wouldn’t need to worry about an update to the topbar by Roblox potentially ruining the experience for my players.


This seems like an XY feature request. Also, it’s a proposed solution instead of describing a problem, so consider re-titling your feature request after the problem. A title like “Hard to add in-line topbar buttons” or “Should be easier to add in-line topbar buttons”.

I think what you actually want is API to insert new buttons next to the existing ones. That way you don’t need to deal with position/sizing issues at all and just trust the core gui to always draw your custom elements in the right places.

This is the generic feature request for what you’re asking for it seems: Let us add icons to the Topbar

I do believe the post is describing a problem. However, it does indeed contain a proposed solution to the problem mixed in. With your feedback, I have changed the title of the post to be more broad and have removed references to the proposed solution.

I personally think that the linked feature request can be considered a proposed solution to the problem described in this feature request. While having the ability to add buttons sounds like what this feature request wants, it really doesn’t. Instead, it’s more so the ability to have any kind of developer gui elements work with Roblox’s topbar gui elements. Because not everything in the topbar needs to be a button (ex. Roblox’s health bar on the right-hand side).


For those using TopbarPlus I’ve just published an update to account for this BETA label:

Not ideal but should hopefully help for the meantime.