Make Premium Prompt yield Robux

Make PromptPremiumPurchase ( yield a percent of the user’s purchase to the developer.

As a developer, I have very little incentive to prompt a user to make a Premium Purchase. I would much rather they spend their money on a gamepass or devproduct, as that would give me more Robux.

To add incentive to this feature, Roblox should grant the developer a percentage of the Premium purchase monthly Robux (450 Robux).

Doing this would allow developers to add more content to Premium bonuses without subtracting from potential gamepass earnings (as a user buying Premium through your game would essentially be like a gamepass purchase, except the user gets Premium too!).


The point of premium purchase is to up-sell premium in your games. If you don’t feel that it fits, you have the option to disregard the feature entirely. If you grant the user a portion of the stipend that premium users receive, you’re essentially scamming the user who decided to buy through your game.

Making a profit is one thing but, to outright scam another user over the basis of greed should never be a concept nor issue on this platform.


I think you’re misinterpreting this request, the end-user does not lose Robux from purchasing premium in someone’s game, the Developer simply earns a percentage bonus directly from Roblox. The user will never lose his signing stipend of 450 Robux.


User purchases premium through your game because of a benefit your game offers to premium users (i.e. a special item). When the user purchases premium, he gets his full premium and all the benefits, but then the developer also gets a 10% conversion bonus (45 Robux) as thanks for convincing the user into buying Premium.

Similar to how the Star Code program works:



Aren’t you already getting an amount from players who buy through your game? If I recall correctly, it was raised to be 3x the amount it was when it was first introduced. I don’t know if the star program is fair or worth to be compared too. If you’re referring to a monthly stipend of robux because you referred one person to spend upwards of 4.99 USD, I don’t think that would work. The logic isn’t there for me to be like, “Oh yeah, let’s just pray that Roblox sends us roblux because one poor soul felt it was necessary to buy robux through your game and not the site”. Personally, I dislike premium payouts but, I think that the rate increase to 3x its original amount falls within DevEx Rates and does justice.

Also, no shade towards roblox or yourself but, roblox has a history of not listening to people when it comes to payouts, premium or DevEx unless you’re a top developer and you create a thread that warrants a bunch of well developed cases.

You can criticize a feature request while staying constructive / to-the-point – settle down a little. Comments like this aren’t useful to anyone.

For that last point, if anything, a feature request about improving monetization from a hobbyist/sustainable developer is more interesting to Roblox over the same requests from top teams that are already making tons/millions of dollars. They are always looking to increase the number of people make a living off of the platform.


I was actually going to post this awhile back but I didn’t because I didn’t know how to word it. I want to start off by saying that I love this idea and I think it would incentive developers to add more premium features. This would also be good for Roblox because it would certainly add more Premium players to the platform.

This could be a win-win situation for Roblox and the developers. Its a win-win because there would be more developers prompting premium and more premium features in games. Because there is more premium features in games then more people would buy premium. If more people would buy premium then Roblox would have more money. I also rarely see monetization related feature requests. I also highly doubt Roblox would disregard this feature request just because the OP is not a top developer.


Nice, I really like this feature request. When premium payouts first came out, I didn’t see any incentive to prompting premium in my game at all, only adding premium only features. If I get a Robux commission every time a user buys premium in my game, I’ll be implementing way more premium features and trying my best to get in-game sales.

This would be really good for developers, Roblox, and players alike. Definitely should be implemented.

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I agree but, the majority of feature requests I’ve seen on this platform and furthermore this forum have been outright ignored or pushed back indefinitely for features that do not allow developers to make a living off this platform which seems to be a long term goal that Roblox wants.

I’m actually referring to a post made a while back that pertains to this Issues with the Developer Exchange: Testimonies from the Roblox Dev Community . Before this thread came out, a bunch of developers wanted DevEx to be better. A lot of them. After this thread came out, Roblox started to take noticed and someone there acted on it. The irony is that the OP of this thread is a well-known developer and the responses (formulated into well developed cases) are also by well-known developers.

Meanwhile, if you take a look at other posts (some I don’t agree with but, still prove a point to this):
Most of these have been outright ignored.

What I suggested and what is the most ethical to do in order to get what you want is to create a thread and compile all of the responses that are well-developed, weigh out the pros and cons and list it out word-for-word.


We are getting premium payouts yes, but that’s based on Premium users playtime in your game. Say for example a player is convinced to buy Premium in your game because of perks, but then never plays your game again. While this is sad and probably the developer’s fault, if the converted Premium user never plays, the developer will lose out on any income from that user.

The purpose of this feature request is to give developers incentive to create Premium-based offers to users instead of just gamepasses, since right now doing so provides little benefit.

This also works in favor of existing premium players because this will mean that they will be able to join any game and potentially already be privy to premium benefits.

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I don’t really see the point of this. They created the premium payout system for a reason, and they want you to have in game benefits not just randomly sell an user premium. Even though we aren’t told much about how the payouts are calculated, I presume it is affected in some way by people buying premium from your game.

That is what premium payouts do for anyone with premium in your game.

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To my understanding we don’t get anything for converting a user to premium, only for them playing our game. If we got something for a conversion, then developers would have a bigger incentive to offer premium-only content.