Make texture/decal selection box thinner / transparent

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to see what I’m doing while working with decals/textures.

When I select a decal or texture an extremely thick orange selection box appears around the face the image is applied to, which in the case of textures, makes it completely impossible to tweak OffsetStudsU/V to have textures align along seams (e.g. brick textures).


Compared to the default selection box which is already widely complained about as being too thick and fully opaque making it impossible to align parts (we are still waiting for a solution for this!), the decal selection box is unacceptably massive.

It would be nice if a week could be set aside to improve UX about working with textures and decals and the selection box in general, because this is quite frankly unusable. Please make this texture selection box much thinner, and slightly transparent to allow developers to see how the textures underneath align.

Here’s another feature request also related to UX of the surface picker. It would be nice if these things could be changed together. It would be double nice if settings could be added for the color and thickness of all selection boxes too (i.e. texture selection box, regular selection box).


Perhaps a better adornment is an arrow or arrows pointing to the face, so there are no outlines to worry about.

Or perhaps all selectionboxes should maintain the same line thickness onscreen regardless of zoom. LineHandleAdornments do this and I will probably rebuild this face selector in my Studio Tweaks plugin using these.