Please make every members be able to post feature requests

I also believe all members should be able to create topics in #bug-reports. I disagree that Regular is invite only and instead we should contribute to the devforum and keep browsing regularly to obtain the role.


The most you can do for now is report a bug privately by messaging Bug Support or by contacting Roblox Support and selecting Bug Report as your help category.


I agree but at the same time I disagree, true there are many people with valid feature requests but at the same time there will most likely be stupid feature requests here and there as well.


True, so many feature requests would not be related to an existing issue that the user has other than that the feature they’re requesting doesn’t exist.

Let’s try to get the attention of Roblox Staff so we can get this sorted out sooner than later.
Getting the Regular rank is currently too hard for members like us right now.


I’m tracking the topic along with every other topic on this issue! :+1:

Please review my response here if you haven’t seen it. (there are a lot of duplicate topics about this issue)


The posts are saying the same thing: we may give some people the ability to post feature requests based on needs. We’re working on enabling everyone to create feature requests again (see post above)


Thank you for your response. We appreciate the team’s effort to improve the DevForum and the rest of Roblox.

Well even before they took away posting approval, it was very hard to move up because the veteran developers used posting approval as a wall to keep developers from moving up unless they were their friends.

It was so bad. Like they would nitpick everything you posted and if you did post something they couldn’t nitpick, they would still not post it.

I remember one time posting a bug report. They were not going to let my post go through no matter what. When they couldn’t argue because I literally provided every single detail, they actually tried to answer for me how to fix the bug I was reporting.

I’m like that’s great and I’m sure it is an easy fix, but the point of bug reports isn’t to point out a difficult bug to solve, it’s to point out that there is a bug so they can know to fix it.

Of course, they just stopped replying and I never got it through, but that’s just how bad the system was.

So I was the one that started reporting the guide on how to move up as false and misleading information, which caused them to finally address that with posting approval removed, no one could move up. My reasoning was that maybe this was just an oversight and that now realizing the problem, they might actually fix it.

… Nope, not how that went down.
Instead, they addressed that the problem existed, but instead of solving it for us, they decided we were the problem and gave vets exactly what they wanted. Exclusive access to regular+ members of the dev forums.

This is bad because that part of the community is pretty toxic toward any developers that came after them. Especially the ones that back when dinosaurs roamed Roblox, they had to apply to become a developer. Even though all of those people are adults now, they continue to trash-talk adults on the platform. Even though many of them have made big developer teams that are impossible to compete with, they continue to bash development teams showing up on Roblox.

Because of this “choice”, Roblox has chosen that they do not care what anyone but veteran members want to suggest. Acting as if the rest of us will never have anything worthy to contribute.

I’ve been waiting for years to be able to post a suggestion that I 100% know will help improve Roblox for all developers that are concerned about the security of their assets. It would be so easy and address problems that many developers face.

The bottom line, they absolutely do not care. Trying to act like they do or post hoping to inform will only frustrate you and highlight the inferior light Roblox sees us in as developers that aren’t from the OG times. They could have left all the original criteria in and just switched it from “having posts go through posting approval” to some other milestone, regardless of how difficult to achieve, very easily.

They won’t let us post because they don’t want to.
Not because they don’t know how many people this bothers.
In truth, they really don’t care what input we have and they will only ever let us post in parts of the dev forum that staff really doesn’t read or put much stock into.

Roblox HQ only wants to hear from those vets, even though most of them are so far disconnected from what it’s like trying to establish yourself on this platform that they don’t know most of the troubles we face any longer.

The bottom line is that part of the forums is for them and they don’t want us in it.
In their minds, we’re all a bunch of 10-year-olds that just want to cry, post stupid stuff, and waste their time.

They would rather miss out on anyone with anything valuable to offer than risk their made-up imagined fears becoming possible. So rather than addressing things one problem at a time as they should, they choose the “cut off the nose to spite the face” instead.

Note: This reply is not to make accusations towards staff, nor to insinuate everyone within any group feels the same way about anything.

This reply, which I honestly hope someone at staff actually reads, is to express not only the serious nature of this issue that so many people have posted, not because they want to repeat the same posts, but to show the vastness of how many people feel this way and how nothing has been done to rectify it.

My expressions are towards an environment that has been created by the choices of Roblox staff, whether or not that was the intention. It is not a result of your intent, but rather the consequences of things like how moving up has been handled for many years.

I know and work with several veteran developers. Many of them won’t participate in the dev forums because they think it’s too toxic. I also know countless non-veteran developers who have expressed this exact same sentiment. If you talk to developers in places like HD, Hidden Devs, RoDevs, etc., many of those communities thrive because of disenfranchised developers who feel excluded in these forums.

It’s very hard being a developer on this platform, as well as scary. If that wasn’t enough, feeling like our struggles and fears don’t even matter. This makes it sometimes unbearable. No one, and I mean no one, wants to go through the process of trying to improve or contribute on this platform and feel like their efforts are meaningless and their feedback is unwanted.


It looks like you’re making up a lot of assumptions to fill in details. Every single thing you’re saying about everyone’s motivations is verifiably false. This is not how you get your replies read, let alone taken seriously.

I was a former member of Post Approval. The goal and the motivations of everyone in that program right up until the end was always to keep the quality of the forum high for Roblox staff while still allowing users of the forum to create bug reports and feature requests. It is not and never will be feasible to simply open those categories up to everyone, the forum was small when PA existed so this program worked. The forum is no longer small. By the end we had literally hundreds of requests in the inbox every single weekend, and it was rapidly growing every month. Half if not more of these requests were not bugs, were unintelligible, were developer error, or did not follow guidelines properly and would have been hopeless to post. Posts that never made it through usually fell into these categories.

Nobody involved in post approval or the developer feedback process was/is “out to get you”, trying to push you down, power tripping, doesn’t want to hear your feedback, etc. Roblox puts a lot of resources towards developer outreach (though it can still improve in this area). All feedback goes somewhere, people see it, internal tracking is happening, etc.

The issue is a matter of scale. Post approval has shown that opening these categories would be an utter mess, and that this needs to be handled in a more nuanced way than dumb stats or totally open access. Unfortunately that means a lot of people have been waiting for a long time because this is not simple.

A little further reading:

Feature requests were recently opened for replies from members IIRC, so if you have any special insight, you are welcome to provide feedback there on feature requests already posted.


I never claimed to know everyone involved’s motivations, but I am also not a fool and I’m far more open to reality than it seems you are as you clearly took what I said personally.

If we can’t have a discussion about the toxicity that was in posting approval or the veteran community at large, then we can’t have a real discussion, because that absolutely was very real and I’ve seen nothing to indicate anything has changed.

I 100% understand problems with scale. Yes, that implementation is an actual thing. However, especially for a publicly traded company, the “only solution we have” can’t be nepotism. Hand-picking who they want to hear from or who gets opportunities. If you can’t acknowledge the nepotistic traits that have been previously displayed and still are today, then once again, this isn’t a real conversation because you are not capable of acknowledging real things that happen despite your not feeling that way about it.

There is no universal good. Just the same as there are many good people at Roblox and within the regular+ community, there are also toxic people with horrible beliefs. I’ve personally seen much behind the walls of regular+ sections, I have real friends that are part of these. While I’ve been on this platform a long time, I know many people who’ve been on it much longer.

I’ve seen group discussions of veterans bashing the idea of professional developers while they form professional teams of their own. I’ve seen veterans openly on the forum bash new developers and refer to them as a bunch of 10-year-old kids and scammers. I’ve seen these people refer to adults on the platform as pedos while many of them are adults.

Early while I was learning to develop, I hired a lot of people, mostly from this forum, to help me by making templates, and resources. Some helped me just by teaching or answering questions. I didn’t speak to 1 or 2 or 3 isolated people, I’ve spoken to countless. I’ve worked with more developers than I could even count.

If you do not think the outside perception of this forum from developers, real developers, is bad, you should at least try to open your eyes or not bother speaking about things you don’t know. If you don’t think there are absolutely well-founded reasons why many legitimate developers have disdain for the way these things are handled, once again, you should open your eyes.

I am not so ignorant as to clump all people together. I am also not blind to realities, some of which have been openly expressed, and others expressed a little less openly. At the end of the day though, facts are facts and that’s all there is to it.

Roblox has failed for almost two years to do anything to allow a single developer a fair opportunity to move up and be able to have a voice on this platform. They have done nothing to create any criteria for advancement.

I don’t care if it’s arbitrary or not honestly. Anyone that thinks the only ones that have anything to contribute to this platform, suggest, etc. are a bunch of old veteran members, is a fool.

You should not need to be a popular influencer or part of some inner circle to have a voice on this platform.

Posting approval made me give up on bug reporting it was so ridiculous. You can call that maintaining quality, but it was a joke, one that I personally experienced trying to submit legitimate bugs that impacted my team and many others.

I have suggestions I would like staff to consider. I would like to be able to bring this stuff and have staff look at it or consider it without having to go through insane routes to get them to do so.

You see, I’ve gone to great lengths to improve this platform. Do you have any idea how much work, how many people I had to talk to, and what it has taken for me to speak to staff about important issues?

I am the one that made staff aware that there was a problem with image moderation and textures that was fundamentally broken. I’m the one that pointed out that the auto filtering for flagging images had like a 85% chance of picking up specular maps and metallic maps on PBR layers and that the moderation staff was not trained to address them, so people were not only getting their images falsely flagged, but also getting denied appeals on moderation.

I care a great deal about this platform and those I’ve worked with on it. I pour my heart and my time into this. I develop full-time now, so this isn’t a hobby anymore, and I absolutely dread the day I have to apply to DevX.

One of the things I would like to suggest is a major security issue that would help any developer that cares about it with very little work on the part of staff. One that depending on the level they were willing and able to implement/reimplement it, could help countless developers reduce the risks of theft of their assets. Something that I have a very personally invested interest in myself and it’s much simpler than a lot of what they are doing on other ends of this, so it would be a great addition to their efforts.

I see what gets posted now. Clearly, only letting the veteran click make suggestions isn’t exactly producing some fictional pool of only quality results and winners. So this thing they are trying to avoid exists anyway.

It’s very very hard to feel valued on this platform. When you’re not part of the special club, it’s much harder. Especially when you know some trivial bug or oversight that you can’t even make suggestions about improving or fixing could easily get your account banned and it’ll be a coin toss as to whether you ever get it back.

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Telling you that you’re saying completely false information does not imply I am taking anything personally, I have no time to fight with you about petty nonsense. You’re saying a lot of things that are entirely made up WRT the motivation behind things being the way they are, and then wishing for Roblox to read what you’re saying and make changes. This is not going to have the effect you’re hoping for.

The state of the community is not good, the state of developer feedback is also not good; it’s ridiculous we’ve waited so long for improvements in the flow here. Feature requests and bug reports are sparse and stuck to a very small pool of active users. We need changes absolutely, but you are not accomplishing that by making emotionally charged essays with assumptions about why things are the way they are. Your case stories are valuable, we know the community is brutal, but we need to focus on what is real to arrive at solutions that work rather than surrounding these with tinfoil hat assumptions like “Roblox doesn’t want our feedback and sabotages creator feedback on purpose”.

A lot is happening behind the scenes and long term plans and ideas exist. There are reasons why things are happening or are not happening, even if they do not appear to benefit us optimally. If we need improvements in certain parts of the developer community WRT collaboration, feedback, etc. then the only way to get that is to make accurate, generalizable, and concise arguments for those improvements.


We’re not part of that discussion, and hence the problem at hand.
Facts are facts, interpretation is subjective.
It is not a made-up assertion that Roblox does not want us to be able to move up.
In fact, when you have a 24 billion dollar company that no doubt has heard this very issue brought up countless times, therefore you are certainly aware of it, having done nothing at all to do makes that a pretty reasonable conclusion.
If they wanted to, they would.
“Want” in this situation is not some feeling in your belly like “I want world peace”
This is a big company with a lot of money and resources.
If it had any real priority, it would be done.

So putting something at the bottom of some “to-do-list” that who knows when it will ever be handled without so much as posted updates or allowing those most impacted to be able to contribute or make suggestions… this does not leave an impression of “want” that anyone externally will feel validates them at all.

When Roblox does something like removing posting approval, our only possible avenue to move up, and then does nothing to address it for years. That is an act of intent. That is something that was done knowing there would be consequences. I had to once again work very hard to get them to even acknowledge that this circumstance existed. An action such as this is not an accident, hence why I used the term “on purpose”.

I get that they haven’t just abandoned it and they’re not keckling in the background saying “haha, fools”. That doesn’t mean they’ve shown us any respect, priority, or even concern for the way this impacts us. In fact, they as a whole largely ignore us except for the occasional canned message that looks like something a moderator copied/pasted.

People come and go, and even vets leave, so I do totally understand that Roblox is losing its source of feedback in a lot of areas. It’s just hard to have any sympathy for that at all when they have countless developers which could assist with this stuff, but have absolutely no way of doing so.

When I went to the lengths I did to get staff attention to the PBR texture issue, that was an insane amount of effort I don’t expect most people to do. I did it because I had legitimate fear my account was going to be permabanned just for uploading map textures, which almost happened.

I would love to have my time here spent discussing developer issues, having productive conversations, and contributing more to the platform.

That is very hard to do when the environment is a mix of a large group of people angry they have no voice and feel unvalued mixed with a group of people who do not share that struggle telling them all the reasons they’re essentially sick of hearing about it.

There are a lot of good developers here trying to contribute. There are a lot of new developers here trying to learn. So far, this environment doesn’t appear to be suitable for either of those things which often makes many of us wonder why we’re here.

Of all the developers I work with today. Of all those I talk with off platform and discuss things with, I don’t know a single one that still uses this forum, not even one, and I’ve asked every single one of them. In fact, I don’t even know a single one that has anything positive to say about this forum at all. When I talk to people on HD or Hidden Devs or any of these other groups, it’s pretty universally seen that those platforms exist largely because this forum is seen as not helpful, and all developers have things we need help with.

I’m sure you’re a great dev despite being pezsmistic. Unfortunately, this forum does not have an environment where meeting would be likely under better circumstances. Regardless, I hope you understand that you’re looking at our issue from the other side of the wall. Our feelings are not just stuff we make up in our head, they are directly caused by actions that lead us here.

Sure, that doesn’t speak to the actual motivations behind things, but then again, it’s not like we’re given anything to lead us to believe otherwise either.

By accident I saw I could post in a section I could not previously. I got excited like a kid at Christmas that I might be able to make my suggestion now. I was pretty bummed and let down when I couldn’t.

When I searched the forum trying to see if I could gather what was going on, well, these conversations are where that search led me. This brought back some old, and still active wounds I’d like to one day see mended here.

This is faulty thinking, and the root of what I’m talking about.

Roblox moves priorities around very mercilessly according to very long term plans. Things that negatively impact developers are never done with the intent to hurt; sometimes things need to end and there are just no resources available to fill the void in the meantime, or long term plans make further work on something a waste (IMO Roblox looks way too far ahead, 2+ years is an unacceptable length of time for a void to exist), but this is the way the company currently works. There is no ill intent, just difficult prioritization (and this is something we can give feedback about). Taking it personally is not the way forward.

Further, post approval was not removed. It was sunset because it was entirely volunteer created and driven, and we could no longer keep up with the amount of usage the program was seeing without spending an unhealthy amount of time working on the queue. This was not avoidable.

I have nothing more to say though, I just wanted to address the incorrect assumptions about intent and motivation.

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Once again, you misinterpret my words.

I did not claim a motivation nor did I say what outcome the intent was for.
If I went to the store and I shoplifted, the repercussions, if I got caught, would not soul search my heart.
I could have been stealing for a starving kid outside, that wouldn’t be relevant.
At the end of the day, I did something, I did it knowing the consequences.
That IS the definition of intent.
I never claimed their intent was to shut us out.
However, that is what happened.
They knew it would happen, made the decision (regardless of reason), and then failed to prioritize any resolution.
It wasn’t an accident or an oops, it absolutely was an intentional act performed knowing what it meant.

The disenfranchised community of developers and negative feelings regarding this subject are a direct result of these actions. Roblox knows this, and continues the course of not resolving it.

People often come here when they have a problem. That’s a thing. They should not be surprised when they can’t get heard or get the problem addressed that people get a little peeved about it.

That is part of the decision they made.

Once again, I’m not saying what their intentions are, I’m simply saying it was intentional. All these people complaining are a result of that intentional act regardless of whatever motivations someone had for doing so.

Hey @NoobFragged thanks for sharing the frustration. Please refer to my post here if you haven’t seen it yet: Members should be able to post in regular areas, until regular promotions come back - #139 by Hooksmith

We’re well aware of the accessibility issue and are now planning to iteratively address it in the next few quarters. This includes making the feedback process available to anyone that uses any platform feature, while still being able to provide meaningful feedback to you folks. The main reason why this was challenging to do before is that we have a very unique relationship with our community and we want to make sure we can retain that kind of level of involvement when we scale up the feedback workflow further, and we didn’t have the right resources and teams set up to do this earlier.

If you have any forum-specific suggestions feel free to post in #forum-help:forum-features, I watch every post in that category and I personally care a lot about resolving this issue to make things right.


I know I’m extremely late here, but I am responding because I still have not personally seen any change regarding this matter.

So, to clarify, Roblox did not have the necessary manpower to fully examine every suggestion or feature request (or any other discussions along that same line), and due to that, posting was limited?

Just earlier today, I was creating a feature request on google docs with sources, explanations, and everything, but realized I could not post in feature requests even though I have read over 2,600 posts and have been here for nearly three years.

We’re close to resolving this for bug reports, we’ve yet to investigate entirely for feature requests.

Please refer to the other thread for some more discussion and see my other posts in this thread as well: Members should be able to post in regular areas, until regular promotions come back - #150 by Hooksmith


I’ve been here for even more days, with almost 40k posts read. I fully support this.


I agree with this.

Back then there was a way, by contacting @Bug-Support, but since they silently “removed” the ability to send feature requests to the group without any announcement regarding the update at all

and the fact that many people here are flexing their stats and the fact that they didn’t get regular. Most of them just got weak stats, take a look at mine’s