Memory leak going more than 2 GB on MacOS

Hi, My game is taking up more than 2GB of memory when I play it on macOS but on windows doesn’t take more than 400MB memory. I have tried uninstalling and install Roblox player but this doesn’t fix it. Any idea why this is happening and how I can fix it?

This is the screenshot of the stats I took

try comparing it with a baseplate game,
Windows Baseplate game vs Mac baseplate game

It might be the actual Mac computer causing the problem

The game maybe be too high in detail, maybe you should lower the graphics. To lower the graphics you could go to the game menu and and set the Graphics to the lowest amount.

You’re not alone. I experience the same problem on my own Mac. What are your technical specifications?

I doubt that. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with technical specifications. Could it be due to poor optimization? Maybe change the color profile. The computer should be able to handle the max graphics setting.

If thats the issue, then it should affect when I play on windows OS too right? Why is it happening only on macOS?

Exactly! At this point, it has to do with poor optimization.