Mini Empires v0.5.2 changelog

The long-awaited Mini Empires 0.5.2 update is finally here, and it is one of the biggest so far! :star_struck:

In this update the primary focuses are: complete visual reskin, collision rework, bringing life into the game with animations, rebalancing and plenty of QoL additions.

Note: :ocean: Naval will be readded in update 0.5.3!

New additions

  • Clicking on direction indicators now moves the camera to the position they were pointing at.
  • All units and vehicles now have animations.
  • Relevant units now have randomized skin colors to include race diversity.
  • All turrets now rotate to aim towards their targets.
  • A good amount of keybinds have been added
    • M: Select military
    • B: Build menu
    • Z: Deselect
    • X: Stop units
    • Y: Rally point
    • Space: Reset camera
    • Q: Rotate camera left
    • E: Rotate camera right
    • O: Zoom camera in
    • I: Zoom camera out
    • MMB: Pan camera
    • 1 through 9: Produce unit (when a building is selected)
    • F: Pick up/drop off (when a transport unit is selected)
  • Bullets, rockets, etc. now have an internal armor penetration stat which affects how effective these are against structures, infantry and vehicles. Ex. snipers are effective against infantry, but not against structures and armored vehicles.


  • Old maps have been removed.
  • Players no longer get placed in ongoing matches when joining a queue.
  • Unit speeds have been rebalanced and vehicles are now generally faster than infantry.
  • Artwork has been refreshed along with a new icon and thumbnail.
  • Box select is now click and drag instead of double click and drag.
  • Distance based sound effects now take camera height into account for immersion.
  • The unit production interface is redesigned with cards similar to those in the build menu displaying the name and cost of a unit.
  • Unit path visualization has been redesigned.
  • Medic can now be produced in the hospital, rather than barracks like it used to.
  • Coins are now automatically collected as requested by the community.
  • The bubble which appears when hovering over a unit is now optimized to where it renders after a small delay rather than immediately.
  • Targeting now takes the entity’s line of sight into account, resulting in more intuitive targeting and walls serving the purpose they’re meant for.
  • Entities now switch targets more smoothly.
  • Collisions algorithm has received a complete revamp, which in turn fixes a lot of previous issues.
  • Units now recognize when they’re stuck and try to generate a new path.
  • Build menu card generation has been significantly optimized.
  • Multiple entities have been renamed for more clarity and simplicity:
    • Artillery Truck ➝ Missile Truck
    • Assault ➝ Gunner
    • Port ➝ Harbor
    • Oil Well ➝ Oil Pump
    • Mine ➝ Gold Mine
    • Barracks ➝ Training Camp
    • Tower ➝ Cannon Tower
    • Headquarter ➝ Core

Bug fixes

  • Fixed accidental hover when rotating camera.
  • Fixed a maneuvering issue around elevated terrain for units.
  • Fixed an issue where the hover hud didn’t go away in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue caused by hovering a hidden tile in Ambush.

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