Motor6D not listening to CurrentAngle since latest Roblox update

Thank you so much! I’ve never been happier, literally.

@kleptonaut It appears that the motor6D is still not working as it used to do for me.

Its still not replicating the changes to other players.

This has broken every single propeller, landing gear, jet engine, water propeller and many more game mechanics in my game for other players.


Very weird, car doors are working for me. Perhaps it’s the script?

I haven’t edited any script related to motor6d’s within 6 months in the game and the last update was 2 months ago and everything was working fine before.

Ah, strange then. Perhaps it only works for certainly made motors?

No, it broke every single thing that uses motor6D’s in my game and i am receiving reports about it every single day because people are annoyed by it as its completely breaking certain items.


The reason I am not using HingeConstraints is that they are too flexible and won’t work properly when using assemblies like the steering on my truck, or the front end loader, bulldozer, or excavator components. I’d have no issue using HingeConstraints if they were strong enough to be used for things like the arms of an excavator or front end loader, but the springiness when set to Servo isn’t useable in cases like these.
As I look at the way Motor6Ds work now they are somewhat fixed, but nowhere near what they were like before the update that ‘broke’ them around August. If you take a split second between inputs the steering Motor6Ds seem to go to sleep, then wait a variable amount of time before moving and then jump to the position it would have been in if it hadn’t slept so it appears jerky. If you continuously move the controls back and forth not allowing it to sleep it works great though, but that isn’t how control inputs should work.
The controls in my excavator arm and front end loader bucket are now sticking at weird angles when you jump out of the seat. If I raise the boom and arm of the excavator all the way then jump off the seat the bucket and hydraulic pistons jump to a position lower than where they were stopped before. I jump back in the seat and they fly back to their correct positions.
These vehicles had a few issues I was working on before this change but now they tend to glitch out so bad they are unusable. If you want to try the actual game then here’s the link and you will see what I’m talking about:
All the vehicles were working before this update, except for the tracks on the excavator which have a tendency to jump off the frame while driving.

There’s been an update that changed the way Motor6D’s CurrentAngle is being sent to the server and client which is very different than what we were used to building with. There isn’t a reliable way that’s been presented that will replace the usefulness of this seemingly simple item that worked so well before the update. Please make HingeConstraints that are set to Servo not springy, or make Motor6Ds replicate smoothly and equally to both the server and the client.


@kleptonaut Is there any update on this?

Before this update went live, everything was still replicating automatically and out of nowhere without anyone telling us, the client-server replication was removed.


I do not have any updates on this. I will post here when I do.
For now you can work around your issue by manually setting CFrames, or manually replicating the Motor6Ds


Are there plans on fixing the replication, do you have an ETA? A lot of users cant easily replicate this themselves and this has broken a lot of games without any announcement.

Top games from the front page are suffering because of this and the creators dont even know that its going on as they cant see someone else his screen.

I am receiving tons of messages about the replication being broken on discord, roblox and twitter aswell. People are very upset this had disappeared out of nowhere.


I cant easily make everything auto replicate to everyone, my physics game is already stressful with the amount of items that have to be replicated via remote events.

Remote events are regularly throttling in my game due to the amount of things that have to be replicated.

Imagine what new developers would think of this, they would not have the experience to replicate every single physics object to the other players @kleptonaut.


This is what I currently do. I CFrame propellers, steering wheels, etc. I do this not because this engine bug came in and changed my workflow. But I do this because I do not trust Roblox physics. I enjoy the freedom of equations helping me out with exact speeds. However, this workflow will not work for everyone. For rickje, a developer of a highly dynamic physics based game, this bug sounds extremely disheartening and urgent.

None of these use Motor6Ds

I am essentially being rewarded for not trusting the Roblox physics engine! WOO!


@TheAmazeman so pretty much everything you have moving is Anchored and CFramed into position?

That’s why this is such an issue for those of us building Unanchored ‘physics’ models. They made something that worked really well and then updated it and now it’s pretty much trash.


I totally agree with you, CFraming in the first place is already extremely difficult for a lot of developers, especially if you include unanchored parts.

CFraming + physics does not combine well.

Physics is so annoying to work with via remote events, the speed that remote events update the constraints at is way slower compared to automatic replication

Engineers could make replication way faster and more efficient than updating the physics manually via remote events.

Proof roblox physics is untrustable and very difficult to work with:

This is what happens without any replication or whenever the replication is too slow to catch up:


The Motor6D replication bug should be fixed now, thanks for everyone’s patience!


Just tried it out and it seems pretty close to what it was before all this occurred. The Motor6D in my truck steering appears to have a little bit of ‘spring-back’ action when I release the A or D keys, but it is much better than how it was when it was broken. I’m guessing the spring-back is because I’m calling for the maximum angle of steering but when the key is released it reverts back to CurrentPosition and the Client/Server lag is just returning it back to where the Server sees the CurrentPosition.
I haven’t tried it in a game with more than a couple players so I can’t speak to the multiple player issues that others mentioned.


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