Movable Origin Point for Physical Objects

Hello everyone,

As a Roblox developer, it is currently very difficult to get the correct rotation when the pivot point for rotating is always in the center. Here is what I mean:

Basically, I want to transform this…

Into this:

As you may have noticed, the video with the manipulated pivot point is Blender. I know I have recently been making feature requests that relate to features in Blender (such as the array modifier and soft-body physics), but some of the features from Blender would prove to be very useful in Studio if we had them. Therefore, having an “origin point” in every physical object in Studio would be significantly better in terms of freedom. Consider the image from before. If we are able to move this point (similar to how we can currently move attachments) all the way to the bottom end, then rotating the part to connect to the other side would be a lot easier since the pivot point has changed. Not only this, but scaling objects would get an improvement as well.

Use Cases

As I mentioned right above, this is mainly useful for rotating and scaling objects. An origin point would act as a pivot point for these transformations and thus be made easier when needed. But there is some more to this:

Scaling Physical Instances via a Script

When you rotate and scale an object via a script using their corresponding properties, it would work off of the pivot point as well. The addition of an origin point would be mainly influential to scaling in this instance. In Studio, you have two buttons to drag per axis: in the positive and negative direction. So, you can scale in whichever direction you want. However, when simply manipulating the size property, the anchor point (or pivot point) is assumed to be the center and the object scales up or in both positive and negative directions. If there is a pivot point and we set it to the end of a part (like above), then even when a script changes its property, it only scales up or down in direction.

This is why I put this topic in #platform-feedback:engine-features and not #platform-feedback:studio-features because there is a use case in-game in a script as well.

If Added

If this feature is added, it would improve my development experience because along with rotating and scaling, my overall building workflow would drastically be more efficient. I would not have to do the pesky trial-and-error to get the correct rotation/size anymore. I can easily move the origin point with the move tool and rotate normally knowing that a part will turn as I find more convenient (in that instance). Also, this follows the “modern” direction Roblox is going and goes perfectly with other building-related updates such as the Avatar Evolution Studio Beta Build. As Roblox continues in this direction, of course, developer convenience is of utter priority. This feature would allow this platform to grow just like always as users put their creative spin-off on it.

Thank you for taking my request into consideration,
and stay safe! :mask:


I support this feature request as this should’ve been implemented already. In the meantime, you can use F3X to achieve what you are looking for.


this would… literally be a life saver at this point. hate having to use a plugin to achieve this as my workflow normally consists of regular studio tools anyways. definitely support