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Greetings, I’m nathan_hickman, specifically called Nate. I specialize in game design, architecture, and art design, prior to graphic design class.

I’ve played ROBLOX since late 2017 and joined since 2018, but I only started actively building for about 2 years of experience and dedication, assisting business corporations, by the start of age 13, once I get situated to the resources of Roblox Studio.

I’m currently 16 years old and I live in Arizona which is MST+2. Currently a junior, taking a graphic design, along with computer principles as of now.

My preferred style is low-ploy work through business groups, but I mostly develop other games other than working with corporations, and all of my design work is a work in progress as of now, but I’m improving successfully!


@Secretly_Rare22 - Business Developer and Friend at Summerside Academy.
@cinnamoh - Owner of Glamiez and Former Owner of Summerside Academy.
@ForgedJack - Friend and Business Partner of Business Groups.
@DrNathanU - Friend and Business Partner of Leo Cafe.
@Dexxred - Friend and Business Developer of Lawn Mower Gang.
@TimHD20 - Brother and Co-Owner of Lawn Mower Gang.
@Bradings - Friend and Business Developer of Lawn Mower Gang.
@punkde - Friend and Head Developer of Lawn Mower Gang.
@Cryptic_Desire - Current Owner of Tiny Trampoline Park.
@mvtth_w - Business Partner
@xoviqa - Friend, Co-Developer, and Business Partner.
@UniiBearr - Friend and Co-Developer
@Nvrman - Great Developer and Business Partner
@Itx_Fallen - Business Partner and Former Owner of Rainbow Reef Ice Cream.
@robloxguy9093ALT - Business Manager and Partner

Low-Ploy, High Detailed Cafe

Large-Ploy, High Detailed Salon

Small-Ploy, High Detailed Interview & Training Center

[CREDITS TO @Secretly_Rare22 and Summerside Academy!]

Low-High Drawn Commissions



High Detailed Chicon World

Low-Scaled Royale World

Low-Ploy, Medium Detailed Cafe

Note: Some were projects helped by other people!

I am most likely available here at the DevForum for 2-5 hours of watching posts, recruitment, and feedback. My messages are enabled, so if you like to message me, click the button in my profile!

I’m also likely to be active at discord, too. If you like to message me, friend my discord user at the “Contact” tab.


Low Quality: 300-500 R$!
Intermediate Quality: 500-1K R$!
High Quality: 1K-3K R$!

Since I’m a cheap designer, prices would be around 50-300 at most.

DevForum: @nathan_hickman
Twitter: @nathan_hickmanR
Discord: nate.#0463


Great build bro, I love it! I think this would be not a problem for you trying to get some client to work with! Your build is just amazing!


Your discord does not work add me Tege#6314

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Hi Nathan! I am interested in your builts!! Pls, DM me in discord if can! It is FazeMJ_Dev. I might text the right person. Is your discord tag nathan#0463? Pls, text back as soon as possible!
Thank You!

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It is my discord tag, let’s talk about the position you are looking for!

UPDATE - My development services are now closed.

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