New Animation Editor - Out of Beta and Live for All

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Thank you for this awesome update, I’m excited to see what I can create when I utilize the updates you guys have provided. Much appreciated to see the animation editor getting some love!


Is the snapping increment locked at 1/10th of a second?

Some motions need to happen faster than that :frowning:

Edit: You can change the framerate (which changes the snapping increment) by clicking the extremely tiny gear in the top right corner. This doesnt seem to be documented anywhere :frowning:

Also, the default is also not 1/10th of a second. The timer format is in seconds:frames (not extremely obvious, I assumed minutes:seconds at first), with the default framerate being 30, so it’s 1/30th of a second.


Even though the new animation editor is out of beta, it is still called “ANIMATION EDITOR [BETA]”



We are aware of this, and it will be removed the small update just fell behind the release. :slight_smile:

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I think the new animation editor can no longer allow me editing weapon rigs:

The editing handles are out of place and they don’t even work anymore.
It worked with the previous version!


I don’t see an option to use local space now in the animation editor. All the other animation editors had an option on the lower left to use it. This is a key part in animating that I need to be able to use, without which it will be extremely difficult to rotate parts in the way that I need. If there is a way to do this in the new animation editor, let me know.


This has been addressed in the Beta thread.



Is there a way to revert to the old animation editor before this update? The new one is glitchy, and doesn’t feel nearly as solid as the old one.


Exactly, there needs to be a way to revert to the old one. This animation editor should never have been released in the state it is in right now.


I’m having the same problem as Loleris, my firearms aren’t working in the editor. They did before. It seems to detect the joint structure fine, but the animation does not playback on the firearm base joint and down.

reported as a bug here: The new animation editor no longer animates my firearm models


Also having a bug with editing firearms in the new update. Whenever I open my rig in the editor it outputs this error:

This error did not happen on the same rig in the old editor. Hoping this can be fixed soon!

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We are looking into the firearm issue now, if anyone is able to provide a model in order to speed up the identification of the root of the cause, that would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Looking at the source of this error in code, it seems very unrelated to the firearm issues. Rest assured, both are being looked at. Although this error does not seem to interfere with editing in general. Let me know if this is not the case. Thank you for providing the screenshot!

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Hey Jon,
Is there any way that I can revert back to the previous animation editor so I can finish some animations that I’m doing?


Hi All,

We’ve heard your feedback!. We’ve identified the issue and have a fix but unfortunately it won’t make it into Studio this year. We’ve reverted the new Animation Editor back to beta for the time being.


Thanks for looking into this. On the other hand, is there any explanation on why my rig wouldn’t load properly on the new one? I just reopened it on the old editor and it worked perfectly while on the new one it doesn’t display any parts. Note that I’m not using a valid R15 rig but that shouldn’t prevent it from working as it works on the old one (?)

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A vanilla R15 should not have any issues. The main cause seemed to be only models with flat hierarchies were working in the new one. If any parts were nested under other parts/models/folders, then you would see issues. If you were experiencing a different issue with your model, feel free to message me or leave here what is happening and I can investigate it while the new editor is back in beta.

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Yeah that explains it as I have some nested parts in my rig. Thanks!

Thank you, I’m sure the new animation editor for will be great once it is released in a stable condition!

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