New Avatar Tab in Studio

Hello Developers!

We are excited to announce that we are moving all avatar-related Roblox-owned plugins that ship with Studio out of the Plugins tab and into a newly created Avatar tab.

What to expect the Avatar tab will look like after the 3D Importer and Accessory Fitting Tool come out of beta and are released to production (icons are subject to change in the final release).

We heard your feedback and want to address your concerns that the recently added avatar features are taking up too much space in the ribbon and are making it hard for you to find the plugins that you have installed. Our goal is to leave the Plugins tab for you to access your own installed plugins.

The new Avatar tab will include existing avatar tools as well as new tools and features that are in beta release. This is the current list of plugins in this new tab:

  • Rig Builder.
  • Animation Clip Editor.
  • The new 3D Importer (currently in beta) that will replace the Avatar Importer.
  • The Accessory Fitting Tool (currently in beta), also includes the Create Accessory and Bulk Create Accessories tools.

The Avatar Importer plugin will remain in the Plugins tab for a short period of time until it is completely replaced by the new 3D Importer.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns down below.

Thank you.


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Really like that avatar tab. It makes sense, it’s to-the-point on what to expect in there and it makes use of that vast emptiness in the tool tabs top bar instead of claiming space in our plugins tab. To me, the plugins tab should only be developer plugins, so I’m happy that Roblox has moved their own natively shipped tools out of there and into a reasonable tab.

No more seeing avatar plugins take up valuable developer plugin space where they often would display inconsistently and each be their own toolbar (can’t use muscle memory if the animation plugin is on opposite ends on different days of the week). Bleh.


Oh thank god, finally. Between plugins randomizing and my inability to organize my other plugins this was totally unworkable before.


Thanks so much for this update. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have wanted to find a Plugin which comes with studio by default but due to the amount of plugins I have it sometimes is hard and takes time. This hopefully should speed up all of that.

I also think it is great as the default plugins that come with studio, I personally would not really classify as plugins as they come default (and I don’t think you can remove or anything) but I rather think of this as more of a feature that studio already has so having them in a different category really makes logical sense rather then having them all together. I personally don’t see any negative things about this update or any concerns.


Seems very promising! I like how the animation tool with the create accessory tool together in one tab.

Could be useful for both animators and UGC creators.


Big fan of the new 3d importer so far, didn’t even notice it until this update. Would be nice to see a model reference in the import preview though (maybe an rthro rig, etc)


Always love seeing quality-of-life updates, especially the Mesh Importer under the “Home” tab.

I am curious as to why the Avatar Importer was left out and still resides under the plugin tab?
Screenshot 2022-11-10 180309



Completely missed that part, sorry!

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This quality-of-life update is just plain amazing. There are no negative tradeoffs or unique use cases with the previous setup that could clash with the new avatar tab. Plus, it’s super cool to see that avatar and model grid snapping are separate values. I appreciate this change!

Some feedback:

In the avatar tab, I would love it if you could create, edit, and transform joints using a built-in tool.

Other default plugins should move out of the plugins space:


Plugins should optionally be collapsed into sub-menus when applicable to save space:

I want this:

Not this:


Are there future plans to allow developers to organize their plugins further with the addition of dragging and folders?


Finally, a place where I can reliably find the animation editor easily without other plugins bumping it around all the time. Thank you Roblox.


thanks roblox totally not harder to navigate animations thanks alot :clap: :clap:

Yes, I know you’re being sarcastic.

This actually de-clutters the plugin tab a lot, so I know what you’re talking about! I’m legitimately pleased with this change, and it’s great to see more quality of life updates come to Studio.


Good to know, appreciate it, Captain

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I don’t know if it’s due to this update or what, but these buttons don’t work on my end.


Amazing update!
I noticed a small inconsistency though between the Model and Avatar tabs.

Model Tab

Avatar Tab


This is the dynamic ribbon behavior at play.

All tabs show “Mode: …” text next to the drag mode spinbox if there’s enough space. It’s just that the Model tab, having a lot of stuff in it, typically doesn’t have enough space to show that text, vs the other tabs do.


I really liked this avatar tab, studio looks more organized

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