New Endorsed Models in Toolbox!

Thanks a lot for your answer @Orlando777.

I am sorry for bothering you, but I think I phrased myself a little bit wrong. By UV maps, I kind of meant how the parts on the car are. (It’s hard to describe). But, if you look at this image
I’m pretty sure that the original model didn’t have all these complicated shapes, especially looking at the doors and etc. So what I meant by that is that the original model will have different seams (is that the correct word?) and the UV maps (which I can then make) will be much more precise and simple. If you don’t want to share the original file, that’s totally ok. Although it wouldn’t make any difference for you, as we can get the model anyway. But, again, it’s fine if you don’t want to share it.

Could you maybe explain a little more in-depth what you mean by this?

I’m not the best at Blender so excuse my bad knowledge, but I can’t really understand what you mean by this. Could you maybe elaborate a little? Thank you so much, as I’ve said before, I am beyond grateful. And again, I apologize for being such a bore.

Thanks, sincerely John.

This is soo good! I have one question how do I change the vehicle’s body without breaking the entire car?


I was testing the model’s compatibility, and the drive seat works fine upon almost completely stripping away the body, yet the passenger seats don’t?
Only thing left in the body are the wheels, and I did not edit the chassis.

When you get a model from somewhere AFTER it has been imported in, especially from ROBLOX, the model gets a bunch of unnecessary vertices and triangles. I don’t know why this happens, but it does happen.

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Yeah, I know. I think it has something to do with when you import it into a blender file. (Since the original blender file was converted to an .fbx file, then you export it to an .obj file and then into Blender)

That’s why I asked if we could get the original files since it would make modifications and textures much easier to work with.

This all looks very good. Keep up the good work!

Only when you export parts, with meshes what you see is what the original shape is.

They should all be using proximity prompts, what vehicle are you referring to?

The car bodies were made earlier before PBR was available. What chassis are you using for your vehicles?

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I didn’t make them at all, but I believe they’re A-Chassis which is a common used chassis.

I absolutely love this update! Though most people are against the use of free models this is a great help to those who use/need them. In my case I can make some awesome things when using bricks and such, I have a hard time working with and creating my own meshes.

This is especially helpful as anyone who uses these models will not have to worry about anything malicious inside.

(The forest and city packs are my favorites :smile: )


How does the hawk fly in a circle pattern?

I have been looking at the hawk, and all it is made of and see nothing that is making the hawk go in a circle. Is that somehow part of the animation of it?

Or what is doing it?

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free pbr asset packs? im snatching those. i dont care about having the right of saying i made it.

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This is really nice but, I believe it would also be really useful if there was a category dedicated to endorsed models in the toolbox (in Studio).


Exactly, roblox needs to bring categories back aswell. We cannot find games by just ‘Popular’ or 'Most Engaging."

This is really Awesome. Ive been stunned how the Fish Animations in the Nature Pack was made. New Developers including me can surely learn out of this Pack and do things with it. Thank you Roblox!

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I added the new assets to my game and it made it look 10,000 times better but when I made a forum post for feedback on my game some people said I shouldn’t use the new asset pack because it’s a free model
when the assets pack exists to add realistic vegetation to games and not for people to just say “HEYYY you use free model so your game is bad”. I don’t know why some people are complaining about a good thing, that’s just ridiculous I mean will get if some people are not okay with someone using random free models but the asset pack is not just a random free model it’s literally just realistic assets used for terrain vegetation and other things.

The reason people reacted so much more was because your responses were very unprofessional and overly defensive.

This conversation is relatively unrelated to this post and should be moved back to My new fps game looks nothing like Roblox it looks like Battlefield or Call Of Duty or to a related thread Why do people find free models like a bad thing.

Agree, we should do this. Currently you can filter by ROBLOX and that will show you the items under the roblox account.