New insert menu bugs

  • Some objects don’t show up
  • Some objects don’t even insert
  • Objects aren’t sorted alphabetically

Echo says this menu is supposed to replace the already existing, perfectly functioning one. If that’s going to happen then this menu needs to not be horribly unusable.

Studio needs to stop taking features away from me based on its prediction of what I’m trying to do. Show ALL the objects, let me insert anything anywhere. These arbitrary restrictions disguised as hand holding do nothing but impede development.


Thanks for bringing this up. We’re aware of these issues and we’ll be addressing them.


One note: the behavior of trying to insert an Attachment under a folder is correct here. They need to be parented to a part - in which case they will insert correctly. Maybe we could filter out these objects from the list when inserting under different type of objects, but it’s not necessary in my opinion.

Attachments should be able to go under any object. It’s ok if an object exists in a state where it won’t do anything. Developers often have good reasons to organize their objects in ways specifically designed so that the objects don’t do anything. e.g. storing an Attachment in a folder so you can use it as a prototype.


To add onto the parenting rule frustration:

when it clearly can be parented to whatever I want it to be parented to:

Following the example I think it’s pretty obvious ParticleEmitters have no function in ReplicatedStorage, but why am I not allowed insert one there via the menu so I can use it in some chunk of code later down the line?

All this does it add another step to the process of organizing my game, one that could be removed if I could just put things where I want in the first place. These parenting rules don’t block me from doing anything, they just make it more tedious to do it.


That’s exactly why Advanced Objects doesn’t filter its contents. It used to, and it was deliberately made to show everything because of that flaw. I’m surprised this was regressed with the new insert menu.

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