New Top Navigation Bar: Easily Switch Between Creator Hub Pages

This also happens to me, it is pretty annoying since you have to log out and then log back in to fix it.

Only good thing is that I can faster now go to smth. In theory. In fact I have dev forum and configuration pages opened together.
Bad things are:
Not matching color themes (for example grey amber).
Duplicates of some info, like profile picture and Forums text.
If this 2 problems will be fixed, I’ll be happy.

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Are there any pages in particular that feel too big? Could you share a screenshot of your preferred ‘zoom’ size as well?

Thanks for the screenshots - What device are you on?

What? I’m saying that I’m logged into two accounts at once. It doesn’t make sense.

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This is an unfortunate limitation since we do not currently share login sessions between Creator Hub and the forum. This has always been the case, it’s just much more obvious now with the top bar. We are working on some options that will improve this, but no ETA at the moment! See below from the announcement:


Thats the website at 80%, the main reason I have it zoomed out is because the side and top navigation bar took up alot of space

The forum seems to be smaller in general so zooming out on that to match the create website just makes text really small


Yes, I’ve selected light-mode in both places.


I’d personally like if this new navigation bar would follow while scrolling, just like the other pages. I’m not particularly a fan of having to scroll all the way back up to access them. I believe that the navigation bar should either completely follow as you scroll, or alternatively it could only appear when scrolling up and when you are at the top of the page.


Hmmm, I’ll escalate to the team and see if there’s something else going on under the hood here. Have you tried logging in and out? Or logging in on a different browser?

iPhone 6s, also it seems like this problem doesn’t occur with the “Roblox Dark” theme

I meant your profile on the DevForum not being synced with your current avatar - Sorry for the confusion.

First thought you guys broke everything pushing this update out. But now that things are working… it’s fine. Nice to be able to go between the Dashboard and the Forums easier I guess.

To quote the Neutral President: “I have no strong feelings one way or the other.”

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You can’t scare me, Roblox! I know HTML!


must it be the most atrocious color ever?


don’t stop the integration here,

“devforum” is a third party tool. there are devforums for zoom and other companies. most popular for roblox however.

anyways, since this site is being integrated as apart of roblox, why can’t there be a project in the works for roblox that creates its own forum? no need to log in n whatnot when you could click on the forum button from the create page and ask a question.

also begs the question of: can we get forums back with player-oriented moderation and bot-security measures?

What on earth is going on with the forums

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The forums text looks weird here. Might wanna do something about that.

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This is a bit unrelated to this change specifically but is more obvious with it, but is there any way to reduce the initial load time of the forum?

Understandably the Creator Hub is more SPA and efficient in that sense, but there’s a really noticeable loading lag when I click the Forums button from outside of the forum. Feels almost like it’s reloading everything instead of using any caching.



i love this update, its really cute and fits the vibe. Just one suggestion, can the part I circled be changed? It’s kinda odd and throws me off having 2 profiles at once, maybe shifted to the top in some way :slight_smile: