New Trades Page - Available for All Users

Hi everyone,

We’ve been working on a new version of the Trades page, which is now live for Beta Testers!

UPDATE: The page is now rolled out for all users.

The new page has all the features of the legacy page, but with some improvements:

  • :art: Works with dark theme!
  • :fire: No more popup windows
  • :infinity: The trades list is an infinite scroll, no need to click ‘See More’ repeatedly
  • :zap: Faster navigation switching between the trade list and trade requests
  • :heavy_check_mark: When a trade can’t be sent, the error tells you exactly which items cannot be traded

Because this update brings the page up to modern standards, it will be much easier for us to make iterative improvements to trading in the future. We plan to follow up with mobile and tablet support, multi-language support, and other improvements.

If the new page is available to you, please feel free to report any bugs in this thread.


Q: How do I get access to this page?

A: It will be gradually rolled out to all users, so you will need to be patient. Initially we will be enabling it only for Beta Testers.

Q: How do I become a Beta Tester?

A: See this thread for more information.

Q: How do I get to the Money page now? Clicking Trades takes me to a standalone page.
A: You can navigate to the Money page by clicking on your Robux count on the top nav, then clicking your Robux amount from the drop down.

Q: When will this new page be live for all users?
A: Soon. We will be running an A/B test to ensure that the new page does not harm user experience, so some users will see the new page while others still see the legacy page.

Q: I have a feature request for trading.
A: The goal of this UI upgrade is to bring this system up to Roblox standards. Feel free to post the feature request in the Feature Requests section of the Developer Forum.

Q: The new page only shows 10 items per inventory at a time, the legacy page showed 14. Can this be increased?
A: The legacy page had some of the smallest text on our website, making it hard to see what you were browsing. One goal for the new page was to make it more readable and accessible to users. We are considering increasing the number of items in the inventory for users with large screens.


Finally! It was super annoying to have all dark theme pages and then the jarringly white trade page. Looks way better than the old page, too.


oooh that looks awesome. I’m impressed with the work that’s been done. I’ll definitely find this of use.

anything with dark theme is awesome :sunglasses:


Looks so good now!! In regards to feature requests, I asked a bunch of traders their ideas for their most wanted ideas, and compiled them in this list here: Trade Page Overhaul

My main request personally would be to allow us to trade with more than 4 items, as it would stop many scamming attempts. :pray:


old window for comparison

Why was the orientation changed? “Items you will receive” has always been on the bottom, and vice versa with “Items you will give”

This is a confusing change.

Edit: This has been fixed :slight_smile:


LMaD’ers unite!

In more seriousness, I’m so happy to see some more support towards the trading system. We haven’t seen an update about trading in such a long time, so I wasn’t sure if Roblox cared too much about it anymore. And what better person to help make it than @Iron_Legion! Thank you for the update :happy3:


Does this trades page have improved security, if not, will it? We need something that will prevent scams.

Also, I am hoping the security to trading as a whole was upped from the recent events ( someone got a broken/glitched Roblox item that could be trades )

Overall however, looks amazing!


Very nice indeed! Hopefully roblox fix the trade glitch that has took so much form people over ther last few days to!


Just some minor visual issues, but when hovering over the serial ID, the numbers get cut off if there is another item to the right of the one hovered over. (example shows the issue when hovering over the serial ID of the Locksmith hat)
In addition, the page contents are also not centered/spaced equally from the sides of the page. The blank space can be nice so that information does not feel cramped, however I have to scroll to see all of the little amount of information the page presents.

Consistency with the rest of the site is great, and I am glad to see continued updates!


Is there any reason the trades page was prioritized over more used pages, like the develop page, which has needed an upgrade for years? Honestly, I don’t really care about the trades page. I would have much preferred other pages be upgraded first.


This is listed in the Q&A section.

Q: How do I get to the Money page now? Clicking Trades takes me to a standalone page.
A: You can navigate to the Money page by clicking on your Robux count on the top nav, then clicking your Robux amount from the drop down.


I know this may seem a bit out there for now, but is there any incentive to add more than 4 trade slots?


I have 9 trades just sitting here, went to check it out. This looks really nice!



With the nature of trading right now, many people want to trade for an item and have to give more than 4 items to afford it, so more than 4 slots would be a nice addition (it would help prevent a decent amount of scams).


This new page gives us the ability to make security fixes in a matter of minutes :slightly_smiling_face:


On top of what @WhoseTrade said, this new trading system layout is pretty confusing, as traders are used to the “Items you will give” on the top. The trade may then seem like traders are getting a higher rap item. There are a lot of dirty people out there that want to try manipulate young children.

EDIT: Which could result in a lot of scams.


Is this new feature being available for testing somewhat related to what happened earlier? (Many people loosing items to a bug.) :face_with_monocle:


The Counter button (at Inbound trades) is real smooth now, everything about it is just so smooth and i really like this new feature, keep up :+1:


Woah. Me and a friend made a modernized trade tab a few days ago, what a coincidence. On another note, this is amazing! Good work!


Theoretically, if someone had something, they would be giving it, as it would be closer to them. Maybe they thought that if something were to be pushed up, it would take more effort than dropping it; corresponding to if you were to make a deal with someone. The converse of this response could also be that, the item you will receive is dropping, maybe into your hands? This is just a guess… :upside_down_face: