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Yo! so cool can you teach me how to build that!

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Hey awesome builds! I was wondering if you do Low poly work?

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I do realistic & modern or any kind of other types, I do not do low poly, sorry.

I am definitely impressed with your style. It’s exactly the kind of things I would want to see in roleplay/open world experiences.

I’d recommend learning low-poly as well if you have the time. Especially in this era of Roblox it’s in very high demand and it’s a good skill to know. :slight_smile:


Commissioned a bus stop off of him, end product looks nice. Though not everything turned out exactly as planned but the end product was good.

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Your discord tag isn’t working, did you change your discord name? (Sorry if I sound rude…)

Hey! Yes I have! I currently accept commissions which I choose by myself. Currently doing my own project and seeking for jobs which I personally would like to do. Sorry about that. Hope this makes sense! :sweat_smile:

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My commission is now open for limited time! Can’t wait to work with anyone who wants to hire me! :smiley:

Hi! I need a builder to assistant me on my games

Hey add me in discord, we’ll talk from there! :smiley:

Hey! My commission is now open! I’m accepting small & large works! :slight_smile:

Awesome craftmanship! Even though we haven’t met each other, I’d recommend you!

Thank you very much! Appreciate the support! :heart:

I’m open for commissions if anyone is interested! :slight_smile:
Contact me on Discord: Zakaruko#2029

hello, im interested in working with you, are you still open for comms

I am open, but it mostly depends on what you need. You can add me on discord :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: