Object Brush - A Shortcut Based Brush Tool

I was looking for a quick and snappy way to brush objects into my game worlds that would be highly compatible with my other Asset Browser plugin. Since I had become pretty comfortable with creating plugins of my own I decided to create a brush plugin that would serve as a quick way to brush objects into worlds.

Introducing Object Brush

The idea is simple. Select some objects, press a shortcut, play around with values and start brushing!

To get started, you must first set a shortcut for toggling the brush tool on & off. This can be done in File > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts… > “Toggle Brush”:

And you’re all done!

To use the brush, you must first select some objects from the explorer and then press the shortcut. After this, a menu will pop up in the lower left corner where you can modify the properties of the brush. Here is the list of all of them:


If a setting is unclear, I recommend tinkering with the values to see what exactly a property does.

Here’s a demonstration of the plugin being used:

Additionally, you can set a shortcut for toggling between the Eraser and the Brush in the Shortcut Customization menu as well. This will turn the brush red meaning that it will instead delete objects rather than spawn them.

Notice: Mouse wheel is used to change the radius of the brush meaning that you cannot move your camera with mouse wheel while in brush mode.

And that’s pretty much it! If you have any questions or just want to give feedback then feel free to comment down below.

If you’re interested in my other plugins here’s a list of all of them including this one:


Hey! This really looks like an interesting thing. Personally, I am a fan of making thing randomized and just procedurally generate all trees in real-time with random patterns but this is definitely useful, specially for games where the focus is in decoration or for beginners which won’t be able to script noise Perlin scripts or so.

As I may suppose, this works like ParticleEmitters and setting scale or rotation between 2 different values will randomize results?



Thanks for the comment. Yes indeed those are NumberRange values meaning that the number before the comma is the minumum and the number after it is the maximum.

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Okay nice, but why is this better or different than the existing plugins that do the same thing?


I presonally didn’t like the way you had to add objects to a list in order to brush them with the Brushtool plugin. I was looking for something snappier. On top of that, adding them to another list would be sort of awkward considering I plan on using this with my Asset Browser plugin that already adds objects to a list:

In the end it comes down to personal preference.


okay cool plugin then! I’ll keep it in mind.


I enjoy the plugin so far, Doesn’t feel cluttered at all and I like the keybinds my biggest issue with it is the X swapping,

I used F3X a lot in my early days so I used Z X and C for all my movements so I ended up setting those as my default keybinds for studio, If we can change the default keybind for switching between the placement and delete tool that’d be great.


Oh for sure! I’ll make that an additional keybind in the shortcuts tab.


Done did it. The update should be live now. You can now set Toggle Brush Eraser in the Customize Shortcuts menu.


Hi again,

Since Brushtool 2.1 is majorly broken (it randomly completely crashes where none of the buttons work) and having the “brush list” is wildly inconvenient, I decided to try your Object Brush.

It’s great!

If you don’t mind I have some feature requests though:

  • Brush multiple objects at once (like Brushtool 2.1)

  • Support undo/redo (very important imo)

  • Have eraser toggle action only toggle while brushing

  • Add a stamp mode (like Brushtool 2.1)

  • Resize the brush when user does ctrl + scroll (that way users can still scroll the camera)


Brushing multiple objects is already possible, you just gotta select more than one and press the hotkey.

Undo & Redo has always been a little annoying to work with. I think I gotta create my own system for it to work properly because the system Roblox provides doesn’t seem to work at all in this case.

Oh I thought eraser did turn on only during brushing. Oh well, guess I’ll fix that as well on the next patch.

Stamp tool could be useful as well, perhaps I’ll add that as another hotkey.

Nice idea with the scroll! I think I’ll do that instead.

Thanks you for the ideas! I’ll definitely look into some of these when I got time. : )


Actually shift + scroll is probably better to be consistent with Roblox terrain


Good call, didn’t know terrain tools had that function.


Sorry it took so long to add, but it’s finally in and functional. You can now resize the area with Left Shift + Mouse Wheel.


PS. Sorry for necrobump, it turns out someone bumped this before me and then deleted their post, didn’t check all comments before posting. That is my own fault.

This is a cool resource, honestly the more shortcut-first plugins the better! It’s functionally smooth and works great.

I have only one main suggestion, can you make it so the user can specify their own keybinds? Just in case someone is used to a specific keymap or is using multiple shortcut plugins they won’t have conflicting settings.

Honestly I believe a plugin for plugins may be on the drawing board for handling keybinds for shortcut based plugins that handles all keybinds in one place (think Minecraft keybinds and how it will support mods putting their stuff in there too.) But I may be daydreaming and thinking too far ahead honestly.

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