[OPEN] [2,000+USD] Hiring Team For New Roblox Game

So, we’ll need to link our portfolios, and is there chance for Robux pay?

(https://www.roblox.com/games/4961767165/Developer-Hangout-BETA) < Created this game

image Here is a icon I made yesterday.

I also do full time programming for interface design.
All of those portfolios are kind of outdated, and I’m currently working on a ultimate portfolio, filled with all of my talents.
My discord is Noctarius#9954
Email is dxsireduxername@gmail.com
Twitter is twitter.com/EggcellentHumor

Hey Poke! I’m a 2d and 3d artist, and also an editor! this is my portfolio for designing :)) [OPEN AND UPDATED] Sc00v || 3D Designer || GFX, UI Artist & Editor

Im interested but to start off im under 18. I wouldnt mind payment in robux for me to then devex if i was selected though if this is the issue. Please let me know if my age is ok then ill show skills etc.

Hello! I’m interested in joining your future team as a scripter!
Here’s my portfolio.

Discord: Psitulasek#4836

i am a GUI maker

Hello I’m interested for the scripter postition Here’s my portfolio:

Hi I am a High poly and a low poly 3D Modeler

This isn’t a Devforum portfolio but this is all my work

18+ Just ruined his chances of finding all the actual good developers, who wouldn’t randomly quit his project after pay, but considering he’s a trusted user maybe he’ll get lucky.


Hi there! I am a beginner modeler, and an experienced builder happy to work for the project.
Portfolio Link
Discord; imava#3686

Hello @Pokediger1,

Interested to hear about your game opportunity. While unfortunately I do not fit into your requirement to be 18+ as a full time member, I do independent work as well, specifically lighting to improve the feel of your game. Here is my portfolio:

Please let me know if you are interested, if so send me a DM and we can talk. Any response is greatly appreciated, I’ve done work with many large communities on a game-by-game basis. Again, I work as a contractor so hopefully that is acceptable considering I am not 18+

Thanks, and hopefully I get a response somehow.

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I’m quite interested in this.
I have a few experiences with top-rated games, and would love to assist you with your project through my building talent.
I’m capable of designing an entire map, along with it’s environmental details, assets and individual assets through 3D software; known as Blender.

View my portfolio here, and most recent releases are shown through my discord server portfolio.

(closed portfolio) hey this is my portfolio, dm at ItWasANewWorld#7878

Hello, I’m interested in becoming a modeler for the game. Sammy's modeling commissions [OUTDATED] here is my portfolio. I’m good at mainly making low poly models but I can do high poly as well. SammyTheBestRoblox#8803 I’m unfortunately 18- but hope you consider hiring me

Hi! I’m a clothing designer. I can make any type of clothes ranging from medieval, uniforms, casual, elegant, etc. I have designed for many top games and star creators. Here’s my portfolio! :slight_smile: (open) cSapphire | Clothing Designer & Artist

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Contracts will be involved and I need to make sure they can sign on their own. Hope you understand!


When will we hear back with more information? If you’d rather keep it private send me a DM.

I sent you a message form the Dev forum thing please check them I am really interested!


Realistic and low poly builder my portfolio - #4 by MillerGemini here is my portfolio i would be more than happy to work with you

Big fan of yours! What an opportunity for some people to work with you, and you’ve got a quite interesting project out here. Hopefully, it will be successful. Unfortunately, there are a lot of underrated and resilient developers out there who won’t be able to apply because of the age restriction sadly I am one of them, although I am not a developer myself but I do specialise in translating, French to be exact. I am only 16, so I was wondering would this be liable if the contract is signed by a guardian? Here is a little something about me: I am an aspiring translator, I am a fluent French speaker, I was born and Belgium and I’ve lived in Belgium for more than 10 years. Currently, I am working as a blog typist for a dev and on about 3 people are on the lookout for me if they do ever need me in the future. If you have any questions regarding me please ask them, such as questions why a translator is beneficial to the game which I am sure you know so, well it increases the chance of more players seeing your game because not everyone is able to understand English although it is a quite common language. This would bring diversity to your games and extra income.

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If this is legit, I’d be interested in having this opportunity! Feel free to reach out using the contact links at the bottom of my portfolio! Coleifornia - Building Portfolio