Open Cloud Feature Suggestions

It would be really nice if there could be a category to suggest new open cloud features.

Hey @TomerTheGreatest thanks for the suggestion. We’re planning out improvements to how we intake creator feedback and as part of that we will allow you to put exactly which feature your issue is about. Open Cloud should definitely be one of these areas.

While we’re not going to add subcategories for this short-term, wanted to respond here to let you know we’re thinking about how to more granularly categorize things.

For the time being feel free to post Open Cloud-related issues in #feature-requests:website-features and #bug-reports:website-bugs and they will be seen by the product manager of Open Cloud.


To add on:

If I remember correctly, Beta Groups will also be made for New APIs Open Cloud that are in Beta (such as the one for the Assets) that you can sign up for in #roblox-surveys:Betas

@TomerTheGreatest is only member, not regular, so he can’t post in #feature-requests:website-features or #bug-reports:website-bugs.

Everyone that can post on the forum can post bug reports. Please review if you don’t know how to post a bug currently while on Member trust level.

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The biggest issue is that Bug Support never responds to Bug Reports that are PMed to them.

I PMed a bug report weeks ago to Bug Support and they never responded.

They do actively work through the queue but there is usually a very high volume of incoming requests.

Overall this problem is well-known to relevant staff working around creator feedback and we’ll address this as soon as we can, but let’s keep that to their own feature request topics as this is not relevant to the current thread.

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I tried but, for #bug-reports, I don’t see the button mentioned in your link to another topic, and for #feature-requests, the “New Topic” button is like blurred, even in sub-categories (#feature-requests:engine-features for exemple).

Since you’re a member, you can’t create topics in #bug-reports and #feature-requests .

You’ll need to DM @Bug-Support with the details of your bug.