[Open!] D3v | Gfx Artist

About Me

Hello! I’m a tutorial-taught Graphic Designer known as D3v Or Dev (16 Years), I have been doing graphic designs for about a year. I’m understanding and think of myself as friendly. Been on roblox since 2017!


I Have lowered my prices dramatically as I am rust and have not completed a gfx in a while and would like to get back into it. The prices have been lowered as I practice and regain my skills! Prices will go up in the foreseeable future.


What Software I Use For My Artwork:

I use Blender as my render engine!
I use Photoshop for my photo editing and final details.



Personal Artwork



If you would like to see all the work I have done check it out here: Here!


Thumbnail - 100 :robux_gold: (For the moment)
Game Icon - 100 :robux_gold: (For the moment)
Character Render - 50-100 :robux_gold: (For the moment)
Advertisements - 100 :robux_gold: (For the moment)
Animations - Not For Sale.


3D Clothing - 100 :robux_gold: per character
Rigging a model - 150 :robux_gold: per model

More Info

  • If you want my work It keeps the watermark at the bottom right/left!
  • Please do not rush me! I am still new to all of this.
  • I have school, so it will take a bit longer to make. Please understand that!
  • As you can see in the showcases, my watermark changes. I have been trying to find a nice one that suits


I am usually on everyday but most active on weekends!


Contact me at D3v#0806 or by DM me on Twitter

Follow me on Twitter for more!

Have Any Questions Or Problems With My Portfolio Reply Below!


I would love one of theese GFX’s! Contact me when you open!
Discord: DareDaniel0#7616

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I highly recommend D3v :ok_hand:


AHG! I find someone with the skills I need and they’re closed :confused:

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nice!, i would like to have a simple render discord: The1_BK#1891

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I recently employed @D3v_Peanut to handle all of the 3D graphic design for an upcoming project of mine. He was very eager to work with my team through a long-term partnership and has been a fantastic to collaborate with. His work is highly detailed, his prices are fair, and he delivers on time. I would highly recommend D3v to anyone seeking fantastic 3D graphics!


I would like to hire you! contact me here

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Really fast, qualitative and cheap work, I highly recommend anyone to hire him!

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Hey i would like to hire you! please message me when you can.