(Open) Experienced Builder//Cartoony Graphic For Hire!

Heyy I have been Building//Creating Cartoony Graphics such as logos, game pass Icons! For over 4 years! I have got a new account recently which is this one!

Payments ARE negotiable! You can DM me what you’d prefer to pay and we can work it out through there, or you could just go with my base prices (listed below). My Payment method Is R$

  • Small Map- R$ 2000-3500
  • Medium Sized Map- 3500-5000
  • Large Sized Map- 5000-8500
Cafe/Restaurants Builds like this

Cafes/Restaurants Builds like this:

  • Small- 2500-3500
  • Medium- 3500-4700
  • Large- 4700-6000


Cartoony Graphic Designs:
Game pass:
VIP Gamepass

Group Logos:
Namy Replced
Namy Co. Alien Swarn Remake


I am available most of the time! During the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, I am available 24/7! However, when we get back to normality then I will be available 5Pm-8Pm BST.


You can contact me here on the devforum or at BritDev#6015 on Discord!

Hope to work with you soon!

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Ah, forgot contact! I will add that in now!

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Do you have experience in modern hotels?

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