(OPEN) HP2009_GFX Portfolio | 5 Years of 3D Art

About Me

Hello, I am offering my services as a 3D artist. I specialize in realistic renders, so if you’re looking for more cartoony and effects-heavy graphics, I’m not the guy for you. I have been doing art for around 5 years.


Roblox Related


You can view all of my assets here:
You can see most of my art on my Instagram, and for Roblox examples, feel free to dm me on Discord.


I am available on the weekends, usually from 12:00 AM CST and beyond, and on weekdays from 4:00 PM CST until midnight. You can contact me anytime, Discord is the best option.


Payment is only with Robux at the moment. You can offer a different price, as long as it is reasonable. Payment does not have to be upfront but is encouraged.


Message me with what you need, with details of characters, maps, models, and anything you need in the artwork. I will work on it and show progress throughout making it, with a watermark on it. After I am finished rendering, I will do some color correction, basic effects, and add my signature in Photoshop. For models, DM me on discord and describe what you want, a reference would be useful, and I will make it while showing some WIP images.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, on Discord @HP2009#5602, and on Twitter, https://twitter.com/HP2009_2 or https://twitter.com/HP2009_GFX. The best way is Discord, as I respond the fastest there.

Thanks for taking your time to read through this, hope we can work together someday in the future.


This is very good work, I’m seriously impressed.


Oh my, these are impressive. I’d love to see what you do in the future, keep up the great work!


Like the realism in your Artwork, Goodluck!


Oh wow those are my nice and clean. GFX keep up the good work man hope to see more of your impressive work.!


My friend and myself recently brought graphic design from HP2009, we was happy with the fast delivery, professionalism and good quality final piece. I highly recommend and believe his pricing is very good for his quality of work.

Here is the piece of work he did for us:
(Please do note, the text was added by ourselves, we just paid for an high quality render)


As a fellow artist that can testify to how long it takes to make the type of work he does, HP puts serious effort into his work. I urge you to purchase from him while you can; his art is one of a kind in the roblox scene and is sure to make your game or group stand out.


Just yesterday I commissioned Brian to complete a thumbnail for my game, and he completed it with a day! His work ethic is amazing, he’s reliable, and he’s affordable! I highly recommend Brian to potential customers as his work his exceptional and professional.

Thank you so much Brian!
And to potential customers, hire him!


Excellent work! I’ve sent you a friend request, looking forward to working with you!


This person makes excellent art. I paid him for an icon and thumbnail, and they turned out to be top notch. He was available often and he was quick to reply to my messages.

He’s very open to work, and he makes changes and does things very quickly and just as you like it.

I definitely recommend him.


Added a Twitter solely dedicated for anything roblox related.

Commissions are finally open again, dm me on Discord for more information, HP2009#5602

Holy Christ, you are terrific. Keep doing what you are doing. @HP2009_GFX

Amazing Designer and definitely worth getting some of his work. Highly recommend

Thanks, really appreciate that.

@HP2009_GFX Produces amazing work! I am glad i commissioned him too. Keep up the good work :smile:


Commissions are back open, changed price due to increase in interest. DM on discord for more info.

If you’re contemplating whether to order from HP or not, I’d say order 100%. His work is outstanding and cheap.

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I would like to vouch for HP2009, works for some people I know. Extremely good artist, would recommend from what I’ve seen from him.

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Prices will update to 1K per ad, 7.5K per thumbnail, and 2.5k per icon. Also, new commission sheet coming soon.

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