[OPEN!] Pistol Clash | Hiring Gameplay Programmer!

Welcome to the 8-Bit community! We are an upcoming development team planning to make 2-5 games overall. We are in the process of creating Pistol Clash! Pistol Clash is about a First Person Shooter but using pistols. Fight your way through and become the Pistol Legends! Some Ideas and Progress and organization have been made below. We are looking for a Gameplay Programmer.

  • Who works on what?
    @andwewu1234 - Main Programmer, Particle Effects.
    @Dev_Frags - Lead Developer, Investor.
    @timtim - Builder, Map Designing.
    @Slap_Face01 - Character Development
    @you - Gameplay Programming/Scripting
    @MoodsCheese - 3D Modeller.
    @UJustGotGamed ViewModel Animator
    @JuusesGFX - GFX Artist.

  • Progress
    First Month Objective:
    4 Maps, Lobby.
    8 Types of Pistols.
    Basic Gameplay Programming.
    Basic UI Making.
    Pistol Programming.
    Animation of Pistols.
    Logo Remake.
    Finish the Beginning Part of the game
    DUE DATE IS 10/5/20

  • Second Month:
    Thumbnail and Game Icon making
    Advanced Gameplay Programming
    Pre-Release Testing
    Advertise and Earn members so we can create hype
    Advanced UI Making
    More Coming.
    DUE DATE IS 10/31/20

  • After Release
    Create a Custom Discord Bot
    Limited Time Modes
    Website for trading and overall conquering of the 4 corners of this dimension (GAME ONLY)
    More Coming.

How long will the game until it finishes the development stage?
3 months

What is the game about?
Pistol Clash is a First-Person Shooter with only pistols as the concept. You can upgrade, add attachments, etc, to your pistol to make it do more damage, silent killing, or have good aim-down sights. There will be Limited time: Modes, Maps, guns, etc. There will be trading on a website so you can trade pistols for another pistol! (Which is sort of pointless but haha). We will have gun skins, Auras, Perks, Attachments in the later updates. The opening ceremony of the game will be sometime in November.

What makes the game so unique?
Well, Pistol Clash isn’t your original FPS game. We switch the concept up by getting rid of all the Traditional FPS guns and only using pistols and knives, making it harder to kill people and practice pistol usage. We will change the updates up from LTM’s to having dual-wielding pistols, add attachments, have your own gun skin! We won’t have currency buy cause that will make our game look like it’s paid-to-win. You can trade pistols on a website too!

You can expect this game to be a lot more different than your “Original” FPS game!

You can see our progress so far here down below…

Progress of the Game

For more progress join the discord server and verify: Discord Server ($verify command)

We are looking for a Programmer. The Job description will be listed below…

Gameplay Programmer

We will need…

  • Basic Shop system
  • Gamepass Scripting
  • Datastore
  • More!

Some specifics may require…

  • Good knowledge of Roblox Lua
  • Good knowledge of Gameplay and FPS games (Note: you won’t be scripting guns too much as we got someone else to do it )
  • Good at communication and can be active at most times.

Image Examples

Note: Similar to these skins.

Based on skill and availability time. Our goal is to finish the game within 2-3 months. We will be hosting a DEMO Test on October 10th. A few streamers and tester will be joining us!

We are paying only in :robux:. The payment was reviewed at the top and I will say once again
@Dev_Frags - 10%
@Slap_Face01 - 15% - Gameplay Programming
@andwewu1234 - 15%
@UJustGotGamed - 10%
@MoodsCheese - 10%
@Sammysokpop251 - 15%
@timtim - 10%

Your payment is technically 15%. We can talk about the payment if needed. I know it seems little but we have so many developers and we need to split a fair amount. You will start earning funds on 10/10/20

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, Discord, or https:twitter.com/DevFrags_
Discord: DevFrags#2441
Thanks for reading, If you have any questions please contact us! Have a great day :slight_smile:


Made a few suggestive edits. Added screenshots of progress to the game

Animator Payment cut may seem unfair. I am still managing payments and will redo them

I am interested in working with you guys, my discord is DahRock#9499.

We are hiring a ViewModel Animator! If you don’t know what ViewModel Animators actually is… they are actually a First-Person View Animator. It’s a lot different compared to default animators.

Hello, I am interested in your viewmodel animator position. Here’s my portfolio.
Sidenote: I’ve been animating for around a month now, if you want someone with more experience that is fine with me.

Alright, I shot you a request DevFrags#2441. Looking forward to working with you!

LOOKING FOR A UI DESIGNER! We need someone experienced!

Hello! I will be contacting you on discord about the UI designer!

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Looking for Builder/Map Designer! Please add me on discord DevFrags#2441! Looking forward to see you!

Looking for a Character Rigging! Add me on DevFrags#2441 and Looking forward to see you!

We also have two streamers that will be testing the game on October 10th
Both streamers link down below

smoky smoky sucky sucky. I am a developer and we are a good group! join join join! Sucky sucky out!

Looking for a Character Development! something like UGC Concept/Clothing Designer!! (Sums up to Character Development as such) Add me on discord: DevFrags#2441! Looking forward to seeing you!

Looking for a Gameplay Programmer! Add me on discord for more information!

im back! my discord account got deleted


Still Looking for a Gameplay Programmer!

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