Roblox-Discord Verification System

Note: Inspired from here, @theworldis_socruel

Hello, I wanted to show the system I made to make Roblox-Discord verification easier. Actually what I did is carrying it to Discord.js v13 and making it meta (buttons, slash command, embed based).

Don’t care about my name which is uncapitilazed, it’s because I’m in an higher position.

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It looks great!

I have a question though.

Have you taken into account for those who have a full friends list?

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Firstly, thanks!
Actually, there isn’t much I can do for that. But I can add verifying sections for that. Like, “Friend Request”, “Description”.
And really thanks for making me aware of that.

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No problem.

I’m also glad that you made your bot supported for slash commands.

So far I havent seen any other showcased bots on the DevForum support slash commands.

Well done. :clap:

I made a Roblox-Discord
/Multipurpose Bot myself, i still maintain it actually :slightly_smiling_face:, but I never put the effort to making a verification system since I never really knew how.

Mabye for this you wouldn’t really need to friend a user just for verification instead just join a discord server.

Thank you, slash commands can be complicated if you are new with them. I’m not making multi purposed or public bots since people will keep prefering the biggest bots to their servers.
I’m also glad to meet you.

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But, that wouldn’t really verify the user. Since it’s Roblox based, joining a Discord server wouldn’t actually verify that they are the user in my opinion.

You can use something a bit like bedwars you give each individual player a different code than others and paste it into your discord server chat something like that.

Do you mean that they will enter a game then verify themselves?

This is what I mean by a different code than everyone else.

Oh, I can work on this later too. That’s also a good idea, thank you! I will let you know if I do that :slightly_smiling_face:

I still think the verification that detects status changes is better and easier.

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Interesting to see a modern revamp of my verification system, I have a more modern one of my own as well, your spin to it seems nice.

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They could change it from friend requests to following the account.
Get the people who follow the account and check if their name is in that list.


But, I can’t force them to unfollow. And people may forget to unfollow.

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Do you need them to unfollow? If so just ask the user to refollow every time.
Check to see if they are following, if they are ask them to unfollow first to continue: follow again after it is verified they unfollowed, then listen for the follow. Verify.

Surely something along the lines of that would work?

Like, when they forget to unfollow, someone can just use /verify and verify themselves easily like that.

Blocking a user will remove them from your followers.

Wow, didn’t know that! I will definetily do that in the future!

Will you make it so they can join a game and then get a code perhaps? Also, will this be open sourced?