Open Source Advanced Inventory System

Yes, your leaderboard script isnt working because you need to enable access to the web.
You can find this setting in the Configure Game tab.

Why is there selling, cause i was trying to use this to make a selling system with this. Is this just there to be there? or is there a way to sell it.

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What a great thing you make thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:.

Its just there for you to expand it. You can use that selling value to further work out a selling system.

Alr, i was trying to make one by getting all inventory items and using there selling values to get cash.

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Hi there~ @Paintertable

Thank you for sharing your creation with us, this is very interesting stuff.

Would you kindly create a link to Source code (preferably Github and/or Pastebin) for people who want to read the source but don’t have any access to a PC?

Absolutely, release it. Even if you put on a small fee I’m sure people will pay to unlock.

The inventory system hasn’t been able to pick up items, was working last I checked around 4 days ago.
- This is happening on the download place as well.

Does studio have access to API services?

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As @briankiller8 already said it, you’ll need to activate access to API Service.

It’s already turned on, not sure why it’s not working anymore.
- Not working in normal games too.

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Can u send me your place file?

InventorySystemFREE (3).rbxl (91.9 KB)

Everything is fine for me after enabling Studio Access to API Services. I get no errors and I can pick stuff up.

Seems to be working in games now, however (with API services on in Studio) not in Studio so I’ll look into my plugins a bit more and any game equipment that I’ve made, that could be blocking it. Thanks!

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theres a error if its a group game, sometimes you cant use API services. Its annoying.


Thanks, that would be my solution. :+1:

Unless, if your the owner of the group. And i think its only datastore that breaks because of this error

Weird since I own the group, but thanks! :wave:

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Bookmarked! Such a useful resource for me instead of having me program a full-on inventory system.