Open Source Advanced Inventory System

Right now I am not sure about releasing it in the near future.
I am very busy lately so don’t expect it coming in weeks.

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This seems great! Thanks for sharing it with the community.


Magnificent! Thank you so much for this wonderful thing


Soo this might be kinda late but there is a problem and I don’t really know how to fix it.
I am sorry If I did something wrong but I just don’t really understand it, @Paintertable.

Here is the problem, and it happens when I try picking something up:


Yes, your leaderboard script isnt working because you need to enable access to the web.
You can find this setting in the Configure Game tab.

Why is there selling, cause i was trying to use this to make a selling system with this. Is this just there to be there? or is there a way to sell it.

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What a great thing you make thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:.

Its just there for you to expand it. You can use that selling value to further work out a selling system.

Alr, i was trying to make one by getting all inventory items and using there selling values to get cash.

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Hi there~ @Paintertable

Thank you for sharing your creation with us, this is very interesting stuff.

Would you kindly create a link to Source code (preferably Github and/or Pastebin) for people who want to read the source but don’t have any access to a PC?

Absolutely, release it. Even if you put on a small fee I’m sure people will pay to unlock.

The inventory system hasn’t been able to pick up items, was working last I checked around 4 days ago.
- This is happening on the download place as well.

Does studio have access to API services?

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As @briankiller8 already said it, you’ll need to activate access to API Service.

It’s already turned on, not sure why it’s not working anymore.
- Not working in normal games too.

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Can u send me your place file?

InventorySystemFREE (3).rbxl (91.9 KB)

Everything is fine for me after enabling Studio Access to API Services. I get no errors and I can pick stuff up.

Seems to be working in games now, however (with API services on in Studio) not in Studio so I’ll look into my plugins a bit more and any game equipment that I’ve made, that could be blocking it. Thanks!

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theres a error if its a group game, sometimes you cant use API services. Its annoying.