Open Source City Explorer Game

I decided to make my City Explorer Demo open source! You can check out the original game here:

This game uses tile map technology to download and render real-world cities at runtime.

Note: I am NOT the first person to do this. Check out Widgeon’s game :slight_smile:

To see all the code behind the game, you can head over to the GitHub!

This repository includes all the server side code, as well as an explanation and tutorial that should get your game running in Studio. Tomorrow I will be extending this tutorial to show how I got the web server up and running on Heroku.

You can download the game at

Make sure you follow the tutorial - this game will not work without the server back-end!
I will be updating this tutorial tomorrow to show you how to get it running on Heroku.

You can see more of my stuff at :slight_smile:


If you think I left out any important details please let me know :slight_smile:


Let me just tell you now, this is really helpful when creating cities.


what would be an example of what to type in the box?


I’d just do the town, nobody will find you if it’s just your town.


as they say, your greatest enemy is yourself

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This is great. Thank you! I see a lot of potential here!

Time to re-create the Eastender’s intro.

Super cool project, so glad to finally see a good community resources

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You know lockdown hits hard when we are just rebuilding the outside world in Roblox :pensive::fist:

Epic, good to see an actually good open-source project – may use it for later…

Haven’t had a crack at it yet but surely it’s going to hit the upper limit of Roblox HTTPS Requests when downloading + rendering the cities?

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This is great dude! Good job. :smile:

*goes to Disney in Roblox :happy3:

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Interesting design, Keep up the work!

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Would you mind creating a post explaining what the tile colours mean, and a high-level view of the render process?

@ForeverHD and I tried to find some places in London and it was just creating a bunch of blue and orange tiles.


A dude in game said Red means failed to load; It doesn’t appear to work for me.

Blue = downloading
Green = rendering
Red = Download failed (either the server had an error downloading or an error processing the data)

If you’re doing it on my demo game, it’s been getting kind of overloaded. Edit: The PC that I’m running the demo off of actually lost power last night. Oops! (this is why in production you probably shouldn’t use your own PC for this)

If you follow the tutorial and get it working in studio, it should work fine as you’re the only person trying to download data.
If you did follow the tutorial and it’s not working, please DM me on Discord (paric#5665) - this is my first time writing a tutorial like this


I’ve removed the tag from your title–that’s what the “optional tags” section is for. :slight_smile:

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how long does it take for a city to generate?

I love the map. When I do load into the map, the detail is amazing for a roblox game to have. I love every part of it. It makes me think of how the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 uses API systems to load in parts of the world like how you did with the environment. I love every second I spend in the world. Sometimes when parts of the map load, I get a little lag or I get a lag spike but it is worth every bit. The view is amazing and is breath taking to see what the game can do inside of a gaming engine made for not that complicated mechanics.


Also wanted to take a quick minute to point out that this is all inspired by @Widgeon’s AirX 2020 Testing game, which you should definitely check out. He’s going to be using the technology in an actual game, I just wanted to show how it works.


Pretty sure your tutorial doesn’t cover heroku…
I get it for running it locally but on heroku… confused

This is a really cool concept. It doesn’t seem to be able to handle loading more than one map at the same time, but when I was the only player online, I managed to get my city to load great :+1:

Can you not use Heroku for all of it, rather than relying on your old PC?