PathfindingService treats walk-through parts set by collidable groups as non-collidable and walks around them


Maybe this is supposed to be a feature request. Either way this is extremely annoying.

I have multiple NPCs in my game. They use PathfindingService to get around. I also made it so they walk through each other (but not fall through the floor) using PhysicsService collidable groups.

This happens every time and probably has always happened. It’s extremely annoying and as far as I’m aware is impossible to fix as a developer.

Here is a repro. The BoolValue in Workspace determines whether or not the test is using collision groups.

pathfinding bug.rbxl (16.2 KB)


I was just about to make the same bug report. It’s a shame because the PathfindingService is flawless apart from this bug. Here is what I’m currently dealing with.

The below image is the PathfindingService using the ‘Default’ CollisionGroup which works flawlessly. The part’s CanCollide is set to false.

However, if we set the part’s CanCollide to true and add a collision group to this, where that group’s collision is set to false, as you mentioned, it walk around the part which is incredibly frustrating. This seriously limits how we can use the PathfindingService.

TL;DR: Collision groups break the PathfindingService.


I’m also having this problem, theres a invisible box that the pathfinding ai is in, and since its in there, it wont move or move out of it.