[PERMANENTLY CLOSED] 2D Digital Artist and Icon Designer

I am Maventine, an experienced 16-year-old digital artist looking to expand my skills into something marketable. I specialize in 2D character art and icon design. I have also recently started doing amateur clothing designs a week ago. HOWEVER, I do not specialize in 3D renders or realistic/semi-realistic art.


2D Character Art




Icon Designs

Clothing Designs


I work, at most, 5 hours per day, regardless of weekday or weekend. Since I live in the USA in the CST timezone (GMT-5), we may be in different schedules. Keep in mind that I may be working with others while I’m working for you, and also understand that I still have an online school during the COVID-19 pandemic, and thus, many online assignments. When contacting me, I am usually available anywhere from 10AM-10PM in MY timezone.

NOTE: It usually takes me an entire day for me to finish a 2D character art (for reference, it took me 4 hours to finish a half body character art with no breaks). However, logo and clothing designs will take me an hour at most, depending on how complex it is.

2D Character Art

Headshot: 300 - 400 Robux
Halfbody: 400 - 600 Robux
Fullbody: 600 - 1000 Robux

Icon Designs

500 - 1k Robux

Clothing Designs

10 Robux (since I’m new to this, I’m working really cheap)


  • All prices are negotiable
  • I have the right to charge higher or lower depending on the time and complexity
  • The prices apply for the first commission. Any commission after will be 25% off.
  • If you have multiple art commissions for a single group/game, you could pay me using percentage. However, I usually don’t accept percentages unless 1) I can see your group/game being successful, and 2) You have a decent compensation
  • I do NOT accept percentage for ANY 2D character art commissions
  • For ANY commission, I will send you the finished product with a watermark. Once you’ve paid the negotiated price, I will send the art without the watermark.


  • Group funds
  • COMING SOON: Pay through my shirt designs. You will have to pay for the 33% tax
  • Roblox Gift Cards: For full-body character art, logo designs, thumbnails, or multiple small commissions, you can pay me using a $10 Roblox Gift Card


  • I have four main stages when drawing character art: Sketch, Lineart, Color, and Shade/Highlight
  • Once I’m done with each stage, I will send it to you. I will NOT continue the next stage until you’ve specified that I can continue
  • Once I’m done with the sketch stage, and you’ve told me it’s good enough, you will have to pay me 25% of the price. Then, I will continue. This means you can cancel anytime before I finish the sketch. The 25% will not be refunded if you cancel after the sketch.
  • When I’m done with the highlight/shading stage, I will send it to you with a WATERMARK. I’ll take off the watermark once you’ve sent me the rest of the 75%


  • While I’ve never tried, I could also do UI Design, game thumbnails, gamepasses, YouTube banners, and ads.
  • If you commission me for any of these, the price will be negotiated since I haven’t actually tried doing any of these. However, gamepasses should be very easy to make for me. The rest will be a little harder.

If you’re interested in hiring me, here is my contact:

  • Developer Forum: Maventine
  • Discord: Maventine#5318


  • Before contacting me through Discord, I prefer if you’d reply to me in the comments or private message me in the DevForum so I know who to accept. Otherwise, all I’ll see in Discord is that someone that I do not know friended me.
  • Please allow anywhere between a day to a week per commission. My school life can be hectic sometimes. Especially in the month of May where there are finals.
  • Please tell me what you’d like the commission to be BEFORE I start it. When I finish my work, you’re able to tell me anything to fix, such as the lighting, the text placement, etc. HOWEVER, please don’t tell me things like “I like the color red, so change the text to be red”, “I want the background to be a sky”, or “I’d prefer a bubbly font”. You should have told me these things BEFORE I started. Otherwise, you’ve just wasted my time.

WHEN CONTACTING ME: Please make your commission as detailed as possible. Give me everything I need to know. When listening to your commission, I have the right to decline it or not.

Thank you! :hugs:


RAISE YOUR PRICES!! :slight_smile: These are amazing


OMG really?? :sweat_smile: Thanks! I’m not quite sure how much my art is worth. Do you have any idea?

Art should be
Headshot 300 - 400 Robux
Halfbody 400 - 600 Robux
Fullbody 600 - 1000 Robux

Logos should be at LEAST 500 - 1k

Clothing i dont really know

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I raised art so much because as you said it takes a whole day of work, and working that hard for that little robux isnt worth it

I would raise it much much more but you’rea beginner, so it’s good to start out low and share your art and then get more opinions and your own opinion on how much your work is worth. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks. That’s true. I don’t have much in my portfolio because I only just started taking commissions. But I’m glad you liked it. I’ll probably start charging more after my first commission. Thank you for your suggestions!


I completely agree with @Cyclxnee your art is really good! For your logos, I would not take anything less than 1k because if you think about that is not that much in DevEx! For your skill level being just a beginner, you are really good! And who knows I may be hiring you in the future :man_shrugging:


For clothing, 10 robux is far too cheap. I’d say raise the price to 50-100 R$. I might hire you in the future.


Yes that is a really good price range.
But I suggest you make the clothing around 10 - 50 depending on the quality and the time you spent on it if that is good advice.


I am a digital artist and I was wondering how you group the images together, like there is a drop down bar that you can click to see the images, how do you do that?

Ah, sorry for the not replying to you earlier. Anyway, if you want to know how to do this:


This text is an example

All you have to do is click the button all the way on the right that looks like a gear:
Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 5.53.44 PM
And then click “hide details”:
Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 5.54.22 PM

I hope this helped.

Thank you for helping out! This helped.

I’m currently working with Maventine, and I just want to say that she has AMAZING work. She is also really kind and active, you definitely need to hire her! :smiley:

I can’t believe that i didn’t see a work like that for this price before
Anyways i will order one from you, I’m interested
My discord is : adham#2842