PlayerList - Modern playerlist with unique features

you gotta come upwith a better name other then that its epic!

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I couldn’t agree more. I don’t see what is the point of this leaderboard. I’d rather build on top of roblox’s leaderboard than use a totally custom one that’s missing key features, lol

What key features if this PlayerList missing?

Perhaps you could list them here so the creator of this resource can add those features to improve the custom PlayerList.

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It looks great! It looks like the mouse is a little offset on the video, but great project!

How would I move the UI to the top left instead of top right? maybe add a bool value for the position of the list

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Love the UI and fully intend on using this resource, but might be good to note that the PM feature does not censor inappropriate language in accordance with the chat filter :sweat_smile:

Might be worth it to fix that before it causes any trouble for you or anyone else :slight_smile:


@F0xBirdmansBFF You can change the position settings of the frame. This does not affect the code.

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  • Messaging and actions will not show if looking at your own profile
  • Private messaging is now filtered
  • Some UI fixes/improvements

Make sure to update to the latest version.


How easy would it be for me to add a data stat to it on the right hand side of the name? Interested in doing that for a money system

You could add a TextLabel in the player frame and set the text to your data value for each player.

I really like the modern ui, I think it will complement echo chat well, though some features I will see about removing due to own necessity (particularly messaging system)

While it doesn’t include team divisions like the normal roblox playerlist (atleast it wasn’t specified to exist), I prefer it not to, if it is added in the future, maybe make it optional?


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Teams, leaderstats, player icons (Friends, place owner, star program, etc)


Hey I encountered an issue @bitsNbytez , when the playerlist becomes large (i.e. when a lot of players join) you cannot scroll up or down the list.

I tried to look into a fix but I could not solve it. I don’t know why it doesnt work when you have automatic canvas size Y…

edit fixed by removing uiconstraints (size and aspect ratio) & I used the following size: {0.087, 0},{0.36, 0}, I also encountered an issue though where it won’t scroll far enough down, so I added some code to add to canvassize.

still I would prefer a more concise fix

do you need to turn on HTTP Requests for this to fully work?

this isn’t a full auto setup

local folder = script.Parent.Parent
local repStorage = folder:WaitForChild("ReplicatedStorage")

for i, v in ipairs(repStorage:GetChildren()) do
	v.Parent = game.ReplicatedStorage -- there is only for ReplicatedStorage :/

Works with teams? and additions such as KOs/Cash etc?

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Does it support teams? (What i mean is it, does it show teams? if not how do i make it so)

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This may be a bit of a stretch but, maybe a gamepass icon logo like for example “VIP”. The logo will be a crown png beside a user’s name who has the gamepass. (Got this idea from a game called Trade Tower.)

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Are we ever gonna get this? This would be a very nice addition!


How to add messege notifications when you receive a messege??

yeah auto setup works partially. you got do do sum yourself like put startergui and serverscriptservice where they need to and when u put replicatedstorage then ungroup it definitely. weird that the friend dont work it says myfollower count but takes 0 from the end of it away.