PlayerList Updates

The single thing I dislike about the new leaderboard is how hideous the new owner icon is, it looks like a wonky hammer, what even is the curve at the end? Even something like a ban hammer to replace this icon would be significantly better, I hate how bad the icon looks for players who own the game.

Additionally, an icon for players who have edit permissions for the game aka ‘developers’ would be a great addition as it’s always been quite difficult to give developers of a game a distinct way to be seen against other players in the leaderboard without making a custom system to handle icons and text.


Oh no, I don’t know how to feel about this…

Anyways, nice update, looks very fresh!


I completely agree. I also noticed that roblox is getting rid of color on the leaderboard. With BC, TBC, and OBC, there was all color. Now with premium, it’s just white. Also, the owner symbol used to be a gold/yellow badge. Now it’s a colorless hammer. I just don’t understand the points of these updates anymore…


I questioned what that was too, so I logged into my game and I see the hammer by myself. What in the world even is this new owner icon? Why did it change?

Plus, I miss the part where we see our own statistics to the right of our username on the top right when we have the player list hidden, now it is just annoying.


There is a few things Roblox should change within this update.

For the new owner icon…

A. Replace it back to the original icon, that was gold and looked like a badge

B. Make the new owner icon (the hammer) gold so it can represent that said player owns the game

C. Change the icon back to the original for the person who owns the game and have a golden hammer for people who are able to edit the game (example: 2 other players develop place 204023 and they get a golden hammer by their name in-game)

Now, onto the player list…

A. Allow us to see our own leaderstats where we could before, top right to the right of our username.

B. Make the playerlist able to be cropped down to the size of the old player list.

C. Allow developers to toggle between the old playerlist and new one (including old leaderstats by your username in the top right)

D. Allow developers to toggle between the new ui(s) and the old ui(s) (featuring things that got removed like leaderstats)

I believe that the developer community can agree with A-C on the icon, and A-D on the player list/ui(s)

Like HeadlessHorror said:

I 100% agree with Headless on everything stated in the post. Except the ban hammer lookalike icon. I’d prefer having a golden hammer that is tilted, just a golden hammer or the old place owner icon.


Okay so, I like it but it needs a lot of fixing, As in some developers games it looks broke and messed up, Also the other problem is that when you screenshot using the Roblox screenshot the players list dosent show at all, I like it but it needs fixing, I do prefer the old one tho as its better in my opinion.


I hate this, I like the old one better.


I dislike this, the other player list was way better. It’s messing with my OCD.


I agree. Most games, this feature is used to show statistics, which in this new update to it, requires players to scroll more, or see just a few at a time. This can be a nuisance to some games, though the design to it looks pretty decent.

We should have an ability to see who has sent us friend requests in the leaderboard; unless there is already, and I haven’t noticed. Either way, there should be a feature to view all of “friend tab” activity in the menu (when you click ESC in-game). I think that there should also be a feature on the Roblox website “Friends” tab, to see all out-going friend requests, so I could see if I could revoke mistaken friend requests. I usually sometimes get a friend request accepted that I may have forgotten about for a year! :sweat_smile:

I think that they should have the old player-list because of it’s size, but have it with the new one’s design.

Can you please post a link to the game in which that is happening?


With the new update to the leaderboard, we have seen some new icons.

Relating to my Web Feature request last year, would you say more leaderboard icons are being considered for the new leaderboard?

I have requested this feature of having a possible option on the group admin panel, where anyone in a certain role will receive the developer icon.

You can read more on this here:



I had one concern in my game when I noticed this went live. Did it affect default chat size as well? It appears as though something has shifted, and my once properly set UI’s are now slightly overlapping the chat box. Could the leaderboard be responsible for this too?

Being honest as well, this new leaderboard I feel wastes space that could be utilized by the user.
In this image, note the slight gaps at both the top and right sides. If the UI was lined up on these, it would give users who wish to keep the default leaderboard more usable space.

Third point, which is more of a question. Are there core scripts for this leaderboard that are public, similarly to the core chat scripts? If so, where can I obtain them?



It’s concerning that Staff haven’t said a single thing since the new Playerlist was released. The only thing he’s said is when he’s responding to small issues. Please listen to these people and at least update us on what the future is on this as it seems people really seem to dislike it and want a rollback.


I actually really dislike this update, the leaderboard takes up WAY too much space on my screen and I don’t know how to change it. I would highly prefer if the height and width of the leaderboard were configurable, if they are, someone please contact me on how to do it, as I really don’t like how much space it takes up.

Edit: This update has also destroyed one of my scripts, I don’t know how, but now one of my GUI’s don’t work because it used to connect to the leaderboard.


UPDATE: After further review the playlist is now broken, Teams especially when players die and are taken off teams it doesn’t even work half the time! Putting people on teams is even worse, nothing works when switching teams! Also sometimes all the players don’t even show even with scroll!


I am experiencing a pretty similar issue with the “-”.

For instance, I was playing The Underground War and I could see the leaderstats for everyone who joined before me. But, I cannot see the stats of anyone who joins after me (and including my own stats) as it just shows “-” endlessly. This affects gameplay (and likely other games) and hopefully this is fixed soon.


Edit: Here is the link to the game.


Where are the leaderstats by my name? Imagine a full 200 player server I would have to scroll and scroll. No Roblox just no.
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