Secure the game voting feature

There is already 100% captcha on login. If they got past that, plastering captchas elsewhere on the site won’t help.


If they’re using the RobloSecurity cookie it bypasses the captcha.

Just because you secure one gate doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add captchas elsewhere on the site.


Surely just make voting only do-able by veteran accounts :man_shrugging:

Yes, they could create all the accounts and wait a year to dislike your game, but by that time the persons probs forgot about you and your game anyway.


@BuildIntoGames That suggestion could possibly work, maybe requiring a user to have made a purchase of robux or builders club over the lifetime of an account, could greatly reduce bot activity but punish every game overall, as feedback would be limited to only paying users.

I think a better solution would be Roblox having a system which would flag bursts of 1000 dislikes all within <5 minutes, and set them for a manual review to check the accounts.

@EchoReaper I think it would nice to see it implemented for the time being… if it happens to make an effect great, if it doesn’t curb the botting then it could be removed just as quick as it came.

On a side note;


I’m also not sure if likes are actually aesthetic, or if they are accounted for in the sorting algorithm when you search for a game.

As seen here it sparked the question in my mind if likes play a role with sorting.


There is no such thing as a quick feature implementation. I encourage you to read this post which explains all of the planning, preparing, and standard corporate bureaucracy that is necessary for any change. Things like captcha especially have to be thought out thoroughly, as they can have a drastic effect on user engagement – higher friction = more opportunity for real users to not bother.

Why don’t we leave this up to professionals to determine. Captchas always have been and always will be a request out of desperation from the community – it doesn’t have enough information to determine the negative impact they will have on real users, whether it will actually stop bots, or if Roblox is already working on something that will solve this.


Sorry for the random revival of this post, but recently I’ve seen a couple of people, including my friends who have been experiencing dislike-bot attacks, and one of them ended up getting their game terminated for it a day ago (reinstated after a week). Their game got to recommended randomly and stayed their for a few days but within an hour of the server being attacked by dislike bots, it got content deleted.

In short, is there anything being done to sort this issue, as while it isn’t predominantly affecting any of the vastly popular developers, it certainly causes issues for mid-tier/low-tier developers with upstarting games. It is important to attain to these developers as they will be the future of this platform, and I have no doubt that as more games get botted, and more people get banned, the less likely developers will put out games here.


They straight up removed comments because of bots. I see no reason whatsoever to not lock game ratings to only people who have spent robux on that particular game. At this point it is becoming far too common for people to get thousands of dislikes on their game or have over 3 botted games on the front page with over 10,000 players each and a 90%+ likes. The like ratio has never been useful and never is accurate. If a game is too hard and it’s suppose to be hard, tons of players will dislike it because they can’t beat it and boom the game has 60% like ratio even if it’s a 90% like ratio for people good at the game or paying customers.

EDIT: POGGERS! My game is now at 58% like ratio because players can’t beat it easily :smiley: Totally reflects the quality of the game because 90% of the Roblox player base are children and can’t beat a level… it’s been years since Roblox has even touched likes, please do something already it’s a billion dollar company… like ratio is displayed on the games page, it literally will turn off players if a game has <80% likes…


There are a lot of prehistoric accounts that got stolen. Also, they could as well just steal an active account without 2-step and dislike a game while the user is offline.

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Hacking into 1 players account who is a veteran and disliking a game is a massive difference from botting hundreds of thousands of new accounts. 1 random dislike isn’t gonna be the noticeable.

Not to mention that botting thousands of accounts is more than likely a hundred times easier than trying to get access into an old account

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You would be surprised by the contrary. Roblox had almost no security measures before the time 2-step was added, meaning exploiters could basically leave a bruteforce program for days (that is what happened to my account once). If it is of a good quality, it will start searching through basic words, adding numbers here and there. Roblox is a community made out of mostly children. The passwords are basically not much harder than guessing 5555.

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Doesn’t change the fact that how many bots go into games vs how many people get hacked. You can just create hundreds of bots at once to destroy a games like/dislike ratio. If a veteran system was announced this would completely solve the like/dislike problem once and for all. Plus, when someones trying to get into your account, they want your stuff, not to go dislike a game.


Waiting a year to be able to vote is way too much. Even a third of true new users don’t stay for that long.


Rather wait a year and get good ratings on my game over have it get botted, ruin my ratings and thus ruin any potential my game has


We are not talking about you, we are talking about users. Honestly, I would want to have people give all their money because I let them join a baseplate, but that’s not gonna happen.

So far, the only reliable way to verify if someone is really a human is to have them buy something. Steam actually does this periodically. This makes the bot business completelly unprofitable as the lowest costing thing is the 5$ premium.

I never once said it was about me… I said it’s about the users who have their games ruined. Their accounts reputation ruined by these bots messing with the votes.

As for purchasing stuff, clearly don’t understand how these bots work. If you’ve ever gotten hacked, you’d know those accounts had BC to trade and thus get limiteds/etc. So if people are willing to spend money on an account that’s gonna get terminated anyway, then they’re gonna still do it on bots. Plus with the amount of young people who fall for clickbait stuff, they’d make their money back immediately

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You do realize that this will just make them create millions of alts, potentially causing Roblox to hang?

You usually don’t need more than 20k downvotes to completelly destroy a new game, so they will use their reserves now, maybe make them also trade and comment a few stuff to keep them a bit less obvious. This will last them for about 4 more months if not more considering how many services offer this and then you will get half a year of peace. Then the accounts they created will get veterancy and it all starts again. You literally did nothing but shift the entire process by a year.

The only bots that have BC are those that are specialized in stealing from your inventory. They don’t need large numbers and thus don’t need any considerable investment. In fact, they are not even bots in most cases, just malicious alts. But we aren’t speaking about them.

5$ per bot, multiply that by 20k and you get a good money waster on your hands.

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We developers have all noticed the sudden boom of games being dislike botted; like botted, and more. This is a new issue in the Roblox community, and it is damaging developers on a daily basis. It is currently impossible for developers to rely on Roblox to secure the dislike and like ratio, to be accurate, efficient, reliable, and safe. If you didn’t know, Roblox is planning to add a feature to refresh likes and dislikes every week per update announcement, this is awesome, but as known there will still be issues for dislike botting. Even now, dislike botting and like botting is worst than ever, developers can no longer rely on any of the Roblox emails to fix this issue, making the emails almost useless. Roblox is also in a position where they cannot do anything about all the dislike bots when a Roblox Developer who is affected emails them again. More and more I fear releasing new games now, as I do not want to be a victim for this. As we know , game ratings can affect player visits, game attractions, and more. Developers who create new games are then presented with a new issue; how will we prevent this?. The solution to all of this is a reCaptcha on like and dislike ratio, even if users get annoyed at one point and will chose to not leave a rating, I’m sure most Developers would prefer that instead of losing all their hard work, and sometimes even having to restart on a brand new game because of all the dislikes.

Here are some game examples of developers who are victims of dislike botting, that destroyed their entire game.

Pixelized Games’ :zap: Sprinting Heroes! :muscle:"

Like to dislike ratio:

Basicvane’s " Escape Basic High School Obby"

Like to dislike ratio:


Light Works’s " Liftoff :rocket:"

Like to dislike ratio:

Un_dim’s " Miner’s Frenzy"

Like to dislike ratio:

Those are just some small games , but you can easily go on Twitter, YouTube, or any other platform and search that a game was dislike botted, and you will find several games; big and small.

This issue destroys some small Developers careers, who put hard and dedicated effort into games, hoping they will do well, then their hopes and dreams are destroyed when someone dislike bots their game.

If a reCaptcha is added to like and dislike a game, this will fix mostly all dislike and like botting. Not to mention, there are some games ( difficult but easy to distinguish sometimes ) who will purchase like botting services as an advantage to their game. To finalize this topic, reCaptcha or “funcaptcha” is the efficient, clean, and cheap solution, could be a long term or short term solution ( only saying this as Roblox announced during RDC they will have a refresh system for updates on games ), I am hoping to see this a soon-to-be added feature, as it will save a lot of time and stress for big and small developers.

Anyways, have a good one!


Captchas aren’t as effective as you think. They were widely used a few years ago since machine learning was in its infancy and other image recognition solutions were very inaccurate. Right now, they are very easy to bypass as all you need to do is simulate a natural hand movement and choose the trains or whatever task you are given.

Also, my friend actually showed how inaccurate they were by bypassing it after 5 retries of selecting the same square.



Still an issue.

Why can’t reCaptcha be added to liking and disliking?


This is still a huge issue. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that something should be done about this soon. Bigger devs usually don’t need to worry about this but this issue wreaks havoc on small devs and can effectively stop them from growing at all. If nothing else, the process to remove botted ratings should be faster.

There have been a lot of new threads and discussion recently about dislike bots, but nothing seems to be on the horizon to secure the voting feature. A good temporary solution to this aside from the ones mentioned in the OP would be to lock ratings to accounts who have spent Robux over the account lifetime.

PLEASE do something about this soon!

Just a few examples of dislike botting on forum members/other feature requests that could help with this issue: