Please make CSG API Client Side

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to use the Live-Time CSG API in any way.

It is currently limited to the server, which makes it 100% unusable in live game situations.

I want to make a gun shoot a hole through a wall.

  1. The part being operated on lags the game
  2. The wall goes invisible for almost a second
  3. The part cannot be operated on until the last operation is completed, which because of the first 2 problems, takes at least 2 seconds.

Make CSG api client sided. This way the server does not need to calculate physics collisions and geometry and send it to clients

What will this enable us to do?
REAL Live-Time CSG operations where parts can be operated on in real time rather than waiting for the server to send new geometry and physics data.

In some cases like the demo on the Wiki, the Union literally just disappears …


Planning on using real-time CSG in the future, I had no idea it was limited to the server. That makes any effects I want to do so much worse if I can’t have the client handle them. Fully support!


I feel like if Roblox has the tech there it should be fairly easy to implement on the client?? I was just about to use this for my own project, but then I found out about the server limitations and now can’t.


I love it how they basically force us to load their own servers. Real-time mesh manipulation, just like everything regarding graphics, should never be handled on the server.


I’m actually baffled that this process is being done on the server??



It’s 2020.

Roblox is trying to become even more solid and powerful than it already was before. We’ve been getting updates like PBR, Grass, even deformable meshes. It makes the utmost sense that client sided CSG becomes a thing.

Lets push for it, lets make it happen.