Please make every members be able to post feature requests

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to do some request in the #feature-requests category, because only regular members can post in that category, me and many peoples can’t.
This post made officialy by Roblox says that currently “Promotions from Member to Regular are on hold”
and well… i already saw this many time ago, and nothing changed so far.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because i noticed many things that need to be improved on the engine, studio and the website.
I’m trying to request a little addition to some API Services, but i cannot.

Everyone voices need to be heard
thanks for you attention


It’s important that this feedback is consolidated to make it easier for DevRel to identify the demand. Such as:

In the meantime, you can provide a feature request via Support - Roblox or support existing requests where possible.


I’ve been here for almost 2 years, read 7,000 posts and got almost 200 likes,
and I still cant post a suggestion!

It’s a shame. Remove the whole category if people aren’t allowed to use it.


I’ve been here for same days almost, and 25k posts read

Its really insulting if someone got no benefits for doing for the developers


I really support this change.
Not being able to post a simple feature request &/or a bug report after you’ve been using the Developer Forum for a very long time is really bad and annoying.

I would like to see Roblox address the issue soon. (probably won’t happen)


Hate to be that guy but this has been requested a trillion times over

and of course

Again, sorry, I support your request, I just wanted to point this out.


Supporting this 100%, I made couple feature requests which I sent to DevEngagementTeam and they have completely ignored me few times and other times they just replied once and never came back.

However, I am more in favor of making regular rank obtainable again instead of opening these categories to members, and in general this is unacceptable as some people here really contributed to the community a lot and have not gotten the regular rank, same with me, I read like 123K posts and helped plenty of members here just to stand in the same place where I was 2 years ago.


People theoretically can submit feature requests already at Support - Roblox but I doubt an engineer or anyone would look at it that way.

I’ve tried to contact DevRel members for my own feature requests but I’ve just been blanked out.

Yeah, people like @Crazedbrick1 has helped the community so much and is so active, yet he does not have this role.


It really never made any sense in the first place to block feature request from all users, but maybe they were trying to mitigate spam, or something. I’ve been wanting Feature Requests to be public for everyone for a long time now, and I don’t believe it will ever happen.


If we assume the only benefit of Regular is that you can post bug reports and feature requests, they should prioritize people who actually need this for Regular.

So if you are active in the community but you’ve never made any topic via Bug-Support (like the person you @), then it’s probably not necessary for them to get those abilities.


It’s worth noting that whilst I do agree there needs to be a new pathway opened for members to be able to file bug reports and submit feature requests, I disagree this should be granted to all members. With replies to bug reports being too often inappropriate (i.e. are comments which do not assist engineers and just add clutter), I feel that this would risk creating a mountain of improper bug reports and feature requests, which would make responding to reports and features more difficult.

I’ve noticed some people have used statistics and metrics on the forum as a basis for a promotion; this is a dangerous advisor for determining eligibility as it would cause people to game the system, decreasing productivity across the forum. The ability to report bugs and make feature requests should not be treated as a privilege, but rather something extended on an as-needed basis.


One of the issues that bothers me about this succession plan is the lack of information regarding how it will work. I feel like if the community was briefed on the model concept it would allow for debate and suggestions for how to improve.

If we were able to get a glimpse into the plans it would allow for quicker expedition and implementation.

But I agree with many that it shouldn’t be statistic based, but in order to automate it there has to be SOME METRIC(s) that it will need to evaluate for someone to be deemed promotable.


The lack of a stream-lined system to allow requesting features or even providing support to pre-existing requests is downright unacceptable.

I develop on Roblox too, I find functionality lacking, I got 3 feature requests just sitting in my Google Docs, but I can’t post them! There is just no way for me to do so.

To make matters worse, I can’t even give support for other feature requests! All I can do is just give them a like. What happens if I agree with one portion of a request but not another? What if I want to give my testimony and use-cases to a feature desperately needed? Where’s the freedom of opportunity and speech? What happened to the RESPECT THE COMMUNITY pillar?

Our only answer on the matter is they want to make trust levels more automated and it’s coming Soon™. Where’s the communication on what they are doing? We the people should have a say on the changes that affect us if they want the best solution to be executed Soon™.


Still not classified as trusted enough to post feature requestion, despite having tons of read posts, likes, solutions and the lot


How do you determine if someone needs the regular rank if they are unable to create topics in #bug-reports?


Based on the number of times they have gone through @Bug-Support. Same way we did it for Post Approval. (2 Post Approved badges = you get Regular, if you meet other criteria)

If they have never had to contact @Bug-Support there is no evidence Roblox has to support that person needing a priority rank-up to Regular.


I legit just got member today and i was excited to post a feature request but couldn’t. i really hope this happens


They updated the official level-up post to confirm that Regular is currently invite-only, but a different pinned post in this category confirms many members are simply “not currently eligible” to post feature requests but also suggests that the process of reporting issues is planned to be improved in the future… :disappointed:


I also believe all members should be able to create topics in #bug-reports. I disagree that Regular is invite only and instead we should contribute to the devforum and keep browsing regularly to obtain the role.