Open up replies to TL1 members in #feature-requests

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to contribute with my own use-cases etc. to feature requests while still being only a DevForum Member.

Currently, replies in #feature-requests are locked to Regular+, this means that as a Member (and which we can’t get a higher trust level as of now), I am only able to react to a post by ‘hearting it’ which usually shows my support to such feature request. This means that if I have a specific use case that could contribute majorly to a feature request, or think that a feature request may not be the best for a specific reason. I must hope for the best that a Regular+ member has the same opinion on the subject as me.

Let’s take an example of where this is already the case, #feature-requests:talent-hub-features has replies open to Members+. Many non-regulars have contributed greatly to some feature requests, I think that by allowing replying on other feature request categories for members, you could get contributions like this to other feature request that otherwise may not happen.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because all members would be able to contribute to feature requests.


agree, also, what are members+?

Members+ are anyone with a higher trust level than member (regular, editor, leader).

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understood. Thanks for the info

This seems to largely be duplicating the existing active thread here: Members should be able to post in regular areas, until regular promotions come back

Can be merged together probably?


This feature request is directed specifically at replies in #feature-requests, whether it should be merged is something that I don’t know the answer to.


The only issue I see with this is necrobumps.

Otherwise, I fully support this feature.


Yeah, however this already happens in #bug-reports so this would only be an extra few categories for an existing issue to occur in which personally doesn’t seem like it would be a big issue in my opinion.

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Necrobumps are only a problem in #bug-reports because the cause is usually different, whereas feature requests are requesting something that hasn’t yet been added, so this shouldn’t pose any problems


Still annoyed that this hasn’t been added, browsing the #feature-requests category right now is incredibly frustrating since I cannot contribute my own feedback to a feature, or even interact with the post further than just ‘hearting it’.

Right now, if I seriously need to get my feedback into a feature request, I have to DM the OP and hopefully they’ll add it to the OP / consider it when writing around the OP. Not only is this not ideal, but it also means that in-cases in-where the OP no longer browses the forum / does not agree with my opinion, my opinion is lost.


I completely agree. There are some posts in the category where I REALLY want to give my feedback, but there’s absolutely no way. No alternatives :frowning:

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