Putting dev forum links in game and group descriptions

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For awhile now I have been trying to put dev forum links in my group and game descriptions, and every time I do, the text is either “inappropriate” or is tagged… why is this? I see other games have those links… like welcome to bloxburg…

Sorry if this is the wrong category, but this is the closest thing I could think of to baited my issue… They need to make something like development using the website support or something.


Is your age entered on roblox website less than 13? I think that’s the problem because roblox tags numbers occasionally when you’re under 13

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I am over 13, so I don’t think that is the issue

if he’s under 13, there’s no way he’s in the developer forum.


Show me the dev forum post, that my be an indication.

Best way to do it is to replace the “official-super-speed-race-simulator-update-log-thread” part of the link with a dash until you have


There are other threads on the same problem, please be sure to look out for those since they may contain an answer to your problem.

In short, Roblox’s filters are having a bit of trouble determining context with the slug name of the thread so replacing it should get your thread through.


No. That is the post ID and it will break the link if you touch them.

For any future readers:
I was able to get around this by having a big arrow telling the dumb dumb moderators that that is, IN FACT, a Roblox URL, as you can see here:

Edit: I swear it’s clearer in-game

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