QueModels | KeyCard & Door Clicker System


NOTE: This is part of the QueTutorials and QueModels series!


Howdy! :cowboy_hat_face:

Today I bring you a resource that you can use for your own extent as you won’t need to be able to learn from a tutorial or video and taking you countless hours to do so, and what would that be you ask? Well, a KeyCard System!

What is QueModels? QueModels is a self-owned “business” that includes free models, UI assets, and props that can be used for everybody on the Roblox platform for beginner developers or current developers for their games or little projects that can benefit you and many of your games or creations on the Roblox platform!

How does it work? Well, pretty simple if you ask me as it includes multiple materials of doors with either ClickDetector / Touched:Connect() whenever it detects on whatever that is using, it would activate the door/gate and you can walk through it! Will be adding images/videos to it as well.

Do we have to credit you? Nope, you don’t have to credit me for any of these sets or models as they are free to use without anyone complaining and thinking it’s a free model from someone else since most users tend to do that in some situations.

Here are some videos and images of what it looks like and how it functions:



Here is the model that you can take for free and customize however you like: QueModels!
Here is the place you can download and customize as well: KeyCardSystem.rbxl (50.1 KB)

Here is the source code if you’re not available to get it:

Wooden Code:

KeyCard: WoodenCardScript - Pastebin.com

Click-Detector: WoodenDetector - Pastebin.com

Stud Code:

Stud KeyCard: StudCardScript - Pastebin.com

Stud Detector: StudDetector - Pastebin.com

Medal Code:

Medal KeyCard: MedalCardScript - Pastebin.com

Medal Detector: MedalDetector - Pastebin.com

Thanks @RuizuKun_Dev for reminding to add the code. :slight_smile:

I hope to see what you can use with this and how it could benefit your game or project in any way, mostly used in maybe SCP games or games that use keycards or ClickDetector in some way!

Any questions or thoughts? Let me know by messaging me on the forums!


Hi there~ @loueque

Thank you for sharing your creation with us, this is a nice addition for the community

Would you kindly create a link to Source code (preferably Github and/or Pastebin) for people who want to read the source but don’t have any access to a PC or maybe want to contribute to the source